Cala Codolar Ibiza

Codols is the name given rounded pebbles that sea shapes and leaves on the beach in Ibiza. It is not surprising then that this type of beaches, sparse, receive similar name. Here we find two beaches of similar name. Cala Codolar and beach of Es Codolar. In fact few things, except for the composition...
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Des Codolar Ibiza Beach

It is curious as sometimes, according to the literal translation of the name of a beach or Cove, we discover its physiognomy. The des Codolar beach is a clear example. A Codols, comes to be a stone of rounded edges. And this is what we find in the Beach des Codolar, rounded edges where everyone [&he...
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Beaches of Cala Molí Ibiza

In one of our tours along the coast of Sant Josep, we found marked on map Cala Moli, a small Cove where the sea has returned small boulders. The sound of the waves to pass over them form a curious rattle. Although access is through a dirt road, the directions are somewhat confusing. And it […...
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Cala Carbó

Today’s the turn of one of those unknown to the general public. The beach of Cala Carbó is situated on the West coast of Ibiza, in the municipality of Sant Josep. The environment It is quite far from almost everything, so it is a quiet place. The tourist visiting this beach tends to be middle...
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Sa Caleta, Ibiza

Cala Bol Nou. Sa Caleta for everyone. It had been several days looking at the map of Ibiza, reviewing the coast of Sant Josep, and wondering would Beach Cala Bol Nou. In official maps and websites, the reference is the same. I was a couple of years working in the area, and to me the […]...
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