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Settlement of Sa Caleta

Poblado de Sa Caleta

Settlement of Sa Caleta

How to get to the village of Sa Caleta

The village of Sa Caleta is located between the beach of Bol Nou, also known as Sa Caleta, and Es Codolar, next to the airport. The access is heading to the beach of Sa Caleta, taking the road that links the airport with Sant Josep. To few meters take a detour to the left towards Cala Jondal. When we find ourselves facing the sea take a sharp turn to the right and find a dirt road that leads to Sa Caleta beach. To the reach and Park will have two options. The first question, as we did. The second is to take a road without access to vehicles thanks to a chain and proceed on foot around a small built-up area. A bit of field to through and some curious constructions military abandoned us have rights to the village of Sa Caleta.

That we find in the village of Sa Caleta

To find the origins of the Ibizan people we must go back to the 7TH century b.c. During this period establishes the first famous Phoenician colony and, according to, will result in a transfer back to what we know today as the city of Ibiza. Apparently the colonization occurs gradually, giving rise to a small town of about six hectares somewhat unstructured. The cause seems to be in the construction of outbuildings on the basis of the needs of its inhabitants. Erosion and the passage of time and human plundering have left reduced to three acres. The area has been divided into sectors, finding the best preserved surrounded after a fence.

We have just found this type of protection in two goods of cultural interest. This is one and the other Sa Cova des Vi. The reason seems to be in no surveillance and lack of interest by the institution. Next to the remains, we find a sign with instructions. As he prays, has identified a communal bread oven, a building with seven Chambers, a workshop of cast iron, a building with three stays aligned, alleys and squares, a building with three juxtaposed rooms, insulated Chambers and last stay with front porch.

Nothing more remarkable except the exterior views, and recommended prudence if we walk on the West Cliff, as there is a risk of detachment.

You can find more information on wikipedia and of course on our tab, where you will find more information, map and photos on the settlement of Sa Caleta.

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