santa pola con tu alquiler de co

Santa Pola with your car rental in Alicante

We already know what will be your first question. But where is that? Maybe the answer is in Santa Pola, on the coast of Alicante. You have already told in some articles the wonders that the coast of Alicante has to offer you, and today we bring you one more. Remember, the important thing is to enjoy fully your holidays have your own means of transportation. For your visit to this land we recommend our Rental car Alicante web.

Enjoying Santa Pola with your car rental in Alicante

You are going to see some spectacular images from the viewpoint of the lighthouse of Santa Pola. Don’t worry about vertigo. Under our feet is still the ground although I may give the sensation that will disappear from one moment to another. Splendid views to a very unique coastline.
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