sespalmador en formentera el jar

S’ Ibiza Formentera, the garden of paradise

There is a very special corner in Formentera. It is the island of the island: S’Espalmador. Here you will not find roads, cars, or hotels. Here only you will find sand, water and boats. The boat is the best way to access S’Espalmador. It is not the only way, but if the most recommended.

S video’ Ibiza Formentera

The island is separated from Formentera by a small passage of water. In days of calm sea and at low tide it is possible to even go walk between the two. It is not the best option because currents can get us to open so water which we advise you to use any transportation from the port of La Savina. S’Espalmador has something less than three kilometers in length and, despite being a private island, we can enjoy its beaches. We will not find open premises so better to carry everything you need for our trip.

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