Rural tourism in Ibiza

Agroturismo en Ibiza

Despite the small size of the island, there are some rural tourism in Ibiza. Charming places that leave satisfied the most demanding of tastes. However, don’t expect to find rural hotels in Ibiza city. The ground shortage makes it unthinkable. We will have to leave rural areas to find this type of establishment. In Ibiza, the charm of these farmhouses are reserved to old houses farm, now converted and decorated with great taste and detail.

Localities with rural tourism

Sant Antoni

We are in one of the more unknown areas of the municipality Can Pujolet, next to the most beautiful cliffs of the Ibizan coast. It can Lluc, in the heart of the island opens its doors to the rest.

Sant Joan

With distinguished and several internationally renowned farmhouses, the unexplored Sant Joan offers us the refuge de Sa Vilda Marge, a building with more than four hundred years old. It can Martí, an ecological agrotourism that oozes history. Can Gall, where only two hundred years have maintained firm its walls and its vast extension. And Can Planells, where you can breathe the authentic air of the island.

Sant Josep.

It can Jondal offers visitors not only a place of retreat. This agroturismo is conceived as a center of learning and personal development. A gift for the spirit.

Santa Eulalia

Extensive valleys it has become in the nursery perfect for this type of accommodation. Since Cas Gasi to Can Arabi, where the luxury is your reference. Passed by Atzaró, corner magic specialized in events, or the House of the postman, Can Curreu, with its relaxing Spa, converted his experience in a dream unforgettable.

The magic of Ibiza

A world of possibilities in the most magical of the Islands. With hundreds of coves and exclusive places where disconnecting, it is not a privilege, but a virtue. And is that those agroturismo de Ibiza, are the place perfect for repeat.

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