Rental of cars in Ibiza: Renault Twizy

Alquiler de coches en Ibiza Renault Twizy

Car hire in Ibiza: Renault Twizy

The Renault factory in Valladolid gets to Europe the Twizy, an electric mini-car that has been presented today in Ibiza. Covered in its consumption biological the Twizy has caused an authentic revolution in the ride of rod of King, although its presentation in the island is produced the month last, a week after its presentation in the salon of Geneva accompanied nothing more and nothing less that of the great feeling of them clubs of Ibiza, David Guetta.

Great presentation of the Renault Twizy. Car rental in Ibiza.

And it is that its appearance is more than striking. We don’t know if Ibiza car hire companies have taken note. Its 450 kilos of weight for dimensions that Yes we can tell about this friendly vehicle performance are very, very small. In little more than two metres of long and just one of wide will have a capacity for two people ideal for routes urban. Their curious two doors to which is can provide of bars side is you unite two squares for driver and companion, one forward and another back. With these dimensions almost seems a quad, if not was by a small detail. Its motor electric, capable of enduring one hundred kilometers without pass to recharge. Yes, recharge, because stations have little future with these vehicles.

Autonomy of the Twizy. Car rental in Ibiza

Where some can put you stick in your speed tip. According to the model we can reach from 45 to 80 km/h. With these benefits one can imagine high recharge times, but the truth is that this car technology enables a complete recharge in three hours and a half.

The exterior of the car can be customised by getting an image unique to each vehicle.

A car so new that until have had problems to configure it in the web of Renault Twizy. The versions of the Twizy start in them 6990 euros in the Urban 45 and reach them 8490 euros in the version Technic to what there is that add them 50 euros monthly of the rental of the battery. Not there are many options for this vehicle power. The windshield with function demist and the pre-installation Parrot us going to cost 150 euros. Side guards almost six hundred.

Car hire in Ibiza: Renault Twizy only Ibiza

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