alquiler coches formentera 2012

Rental of cars in Formentera 2012

Alquiler de coches en Formentera 2012

Car rental in Formentera 2012
When we got out of the boat arriving at Formentera, in the port of la Savina, we have several options to visit the small island sister. An is in bus of course, although we will be quite limited in movement. Another is the rental of a vehicle of two wheels. Well we could rent a moped, a motorcycle or a bicycle. For the two first cases must have of the license corresponding and a dose extra of ability, especially in summer. The narrow roads of Formentera are not the most appropriate for the driving of such vehicles. In the four-wheeled version we do a couple of distinctions. On the one hand are quads, although this type of transportation has suffered many limitations for the inconvenience that caused both to residents and to the delicate ecosystem of Formentera. The other option of course, the for rent of a car in Formentera .

Book with advance your rental of cars in Formentera 2012

No there is a great Park car in Formentera. The roads of this small island are not prepared to support an excessive load of traffic. Is by that that the demand of not presents a fleet very wide. And 2012 will not be different. Goes to be necessary make it book of the car of rental with enough advance if not want to be us without the best vehicle of transportation that can use. Or that say has if also arrived to the island ready to spend a season.

That view with the rental of cars in Formentera 2012

The configuration of the island is somewhat particular, so will have to travel the well to fund if want to discover at least one part of them charms that Formentera us offers. If we make a tour of the coast the first visit would take us to the Ses Illetes beach. The visit to Llevant beach is also a must. SA Roqueta Es Pujols are two points very close and walking distance by road. The camera must not miss us. Something more remote you will find with the beach of is Caló. From here to the Faro de la Mola, we appreciate our car rental in Formentera. Back we expect Migjorn Beach, with its stunning views to infinity. After passing by the lighthouse of Cap of Barbaria, with the coast Turkish more beyond of the horizon, have the visit obliged to Cala Saona.
The two towns more important of the island is found in the interior. Not can leave the opportunity of relate us with them inhabitants of San Francisco Javier and Sant Ferran de ses Roques. Although we always reserve a table for some paella or “fideuá” in any beach bar. For this nothing better that dispose of our rental of cars in Formentera.

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