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Rental car Ibiza 2013

Alquiler coches Ibiza 2013

Rental car Ibiza 2013
Starts a new season for the rental of cars in Ibiza. This year it presents loaded of novelties, with new vehicles and prices. But it more important, without place to doubt, is that follow ones few tips basic to not take you any surprise.

As find the best prices. Rental car Ibiza 2013

For those who still have not visited the island, the airport is too small for the huge amount of visitors in summer. The dimensions are so small that only a couple of car rental companies operate inside. These companies pay a nothing cheap canon to occupy these places, which results in the price of the vehicle.

There other options? Of course. The most of companies of rent is distributed along the road that unites the airport with the city of Eivissa. Here the prices are lower.

I have that move me walk and with the luggage up to these companies? As no. The main activity of the island is tourism, and lose customers is not a good option. When you rent a vehicle in any of these companies you can reach the office thanks to a fleet of minibuses that you wait in the car park of the airport.

Where to get the best prices. Ibiza car rental

There are two ways of obtaining a car in Ibiza. The first, and most obvious, is renting the vehicle directly on the website of the local companies. Here we ensure our Rentacar name, although not the most economic price. The second option is to rent a Brooker or intermediary. The form of work of this type of rental is very simple. Local and international companies, offer a percentage of its fleet to these companies. Not having to have infrastructure, costs are much lower and profit percentage also. The result direct, what we matter, are some prices significantly more cheap. We don’t know that company is responsible for offering the car to not completing the reservation, but in any case, we will always be on time cancel our reservation free of charge.

In any case, the best way to save on your rental is to book your vehicle with a lot, a lot of anticipation. While most approaching the date of your reservation to your arrival date, greater will be the price of the car hire. The difference of price is going to be more considerable.

What should I keep in mind when making the reservation.

Something very common in the smaller islands rentals are the surprises in the form of economic disbursement. These are produced with independence of if we have rented through a Broker or of a company local. Are the consequence direct of not having read the “letter small”, also called conditions of the contract. Why things I can charge in addition to the price of the car?

The main extra expenses which have a car are fuel tank and insurance. The first is compulsory and the second is “optional”. But we are going everywhere.

The fuel tank

The tank of gasoline is serves full. There is no variation. The question is how you have to return it. If the terms of the contract indicate you that you have to return it full, not charged you the full deposit, except that you do not give it completely filled. If the conditions indicate that searched of return it vacuum, then you charged a deposit “full” before removing the vehicle. “Already, as a tank of fuel for a model determined are 50 litres, by the price of the gasoline comes out to…” Because what the company indicated, since many carry the time in which workers take to fill it out. To give you an idea, a small deposit comes to cost about 60 euros. From here, go up the price at the same time that the category of the vehicle.

It safe

As regards the insurance, this year we have news. As a rule, there are two types of insurance. It safe with franchise and the safe to all risk. The franchise of a certain forces you to retain a (essential for the rent of a car) credit card, the total amount of the franchise. Is more cheap that a safe to all risk but in case of sinister or malfunctions in the vehicle, is us will charge the amount of the repair to the maximum franchisee. For example: the car suffers from a scratch to the be parked. If the repair costs two hundred fifty euros and my franchise is of six hundred, it charged 250 euros. If hit a lamppost and the repair are thousand euros, was charged six hundred. Remember that in case of driving under influence of drugs, the insurance tend not to take care of the expenses.

The all-risk insurance is a more expensive option and that must apply to get to the office. It will depend on several factors as for example the type of vehicle you choose and is a way to remove the deposit of the franchise.

Care with them safe without franchise. Here many understand that to the not having franchise, can be an advantage economic. But the reality is that insurance without excess functions as a basic insurance to third parties. Guess who is going to pay each malfunction of the vehicle, even when it reaches very high prices repair.

Ibiza without car for rent

A time cleared up the panorama of the rental of cars in Ibiza, so only us is recommend you that make your booking as soon as possible. Why? Because the majority of them places interesting, coves and beaches of the island not are accessible on bus. Because you won’t get to see a sunset if you stay on the East Coast or enjoy a restaurant with breathtaking views. Because in the end and after the car is the only thing that will allow you to enjoy one hundred per cent of the island.

And so you’re comparing prices, here are a good choice in different languages:

Rental car Ibiza 2013

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