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They present a new model of Ford. A very spacious car, look sturdy, able to move with ease, as if it were a conventional tourism, which start to conquer the roads. The new Ford Fusion. Rental car Ibiza.

Welcome to the Ford Fusion space

The first thing that stands out from this car are its dimensions, especially where it comes to height. The distance from the seat to the road offers greater security and better visibility at the wheel. And it is that the Ford Fusion stands for countless improvements and innovations that have achieved a comfortable interior very well spent, not only for the driver.

One of these improvements will be grateful for the tourist who comes to Ibiza is the level to which are the loading and unloading of packages or luggage. We have managed to lower this level to facilitate the introduction of heavy suitcases. Yes, those who may end up destroying us back before even begin our vacation. In addition, Ford has emphasized both in the design of this car to get a large interior space, seats have become hinged entirely creating an ingenious design that allows carrying up to two thirty meters in length.

As space is the important thing, the Ford Fusion comes prepared with several areas to transport these smaller objects that always companions just nailing onto the car. And it is that nothing in the design of this vehicle was missed.

An innovative world

Despite not being a car especially long, at just over four metres, Ford Fusion presents great stability in your driving thanks to the width of your body, 1.7 meters. For added security, you can have parking sensor to prevent these small bumps that sometimes we suffer up to a car which we are not accustomed to driving. Now it will not lack parking by ear.

Latest technologies facilitate driving and Ford Fusion was not going to be less. The rain sensor will activate the wiper blades if necessary and, for your safety, and incidentally prevent any fine, lights self-ignition function will be find out when he begins to be necessary a bit of lighting extra.

A great car. Rental car Ibiza.

The height of this tourism give a touch of distinction to a modern design. Stability and control of the road will give you advantage to explore the ways that lead to the more secluded coves of Ibiza. Reduced consumption average (4.6 litres) and a low level of emissions, something in which Ford has put all its efforts, guarantee great excursions throughout the island without paying a high price for it.

Something they have had to do very well with this vehicle, because a rental car with five-seater which in addition offers, only in the trunk, almost three hundred forty litres of volume is not usually very common. If join you their sixty-eight horsepower, we perfect cars for Ibiza for rent .

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