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Playa de Ses Salines or the salinas

Playa de Ses Salines o Las Salinas

Playa de Ses Salines or the salinas

One of the most visited beaches, most beloved and most Renegade is the Ses Salines Beach, also known as playa de Las Salinas. The influx of visitors to the beach of Ses Salines is the main reason for which many choose to any other point of destination. However, despite this overcrowding there are many places in Ses Salines which are tremendously unknown even for the residents of the island. We are going to discover them.

Arriving at the beach of Ses Salines or the Salinas

Ses Salines or Las Salinas beach at the southern end of the island, with views of Formentera. To reach it, we will have to cross the Natural Park of Ses Salines, where the salt industry. For this we will have to go towards the airport and arriving at Sant Jordi exit from the main road. To the output of the core urban us find, facing the Hippodrome of Sant Jordi, a roundabout with the indication towards the beach. Leave behind the Church of Sant Francesc, where we can stop and contemplate his Church. This place is much appreciated at dusk, where the sunset reflects on the salt flats giving a peculiar tone.

Our next detour us leads to the right of the salineras until the own beach. The parking area has been defined with respect to previous years, now counting with private parking. We can leverage to continue along the road and reach the wharf of salt. By the way we find them unique way of the train that have could see in Ibiza. Is used for the transport of the salt until the spring and today form part of the history of Ibiza. The views from the dock are impressive, but not much more than them small coves that found after it. They are very unknown to the public in general.

If you want to more enjoy with people, as we return to the . Walk if necessary. Of step we can check the great amount of boats that fund looking for them bars more famous of Ibiza.

Chiringuitos on the beach of Ses Salines or the Salinas

The beach is quite wide, with large sandy areas and all type of activities aquatic. Behind it are the pine forests that form a narrow strip at the beginning to become a beautiful grove after passing through the bars, a few meters ahead. These chiringuitos, Guarana is the select, Malibu the frequented by famous actors, athletes, and the Jet. SA Trinxa and Jockey Club give musical note, although the second is mainly frequented by Italians. Facing them bodies for all the tastes. Here the crowds start to be important.

Once the area of beach bars, where cars can’t reach, begins a new Ses Salines beach. Here the coast becomes more Rocky, but we find small coves very suitable for bathing and intimacy. Called the attention a small Cove with figures sculpted in the rock.

As we get closer to the Torre de Ses Portes water becomes brava and little suitable for bathing. The presence of the step is Freus, union with Formentera, is famous for its ocean currents.

Can find more information and photos on our tab of beach of Ses Salines


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