playa blanca con alquiler de coc

Playa Blanca with car rental in Lanzarote

Today we bring you one of the most incredible places of Lanzarote: Playa Blanca. Really is difficult list the beauties of this island, but are sure that beach white I goes to love. Now close your eyes and imagine a natural Beach protected by a rugged coastline where rest for hours. Open your eyes and plays the video. Of course get to fully enjoy your holiday we recommend that you choose a car of economic rent on our website: Lanzarote car rental.

Video of Playa Blanca with car rental in Lanzarote

White beach, also known as the Papagayo Beach, overlooks the Narrow Bocaina that separates Fuerteventura Lanzarote. It is probably the most beautiful beach of the island, with a characteristic golden colour presenting its sands.

We recommend you to visit our section of things to see in Lanzarote to not miss any detail of the island and make the most of your car rental in Lanzarote.

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