lugares que visitar desde teneri

Places to visit with your rental car from Tenerife North

Lugares que visitar desde Tenerife Norte con tu coche de alquiler

Tenerife has much to do but before our tour should know that airport will use and where we’re going to stay. The distance between the two airports, Tenerife Norte, and Tenerife Sur is about sixty-five kilometers. The distance is too much nor the road is boring, but are kilometres to add to our cheap Tenerife North car hire. A good choice when planning can save us time which you can use to enjoy the island.

That view from Tenerife North with your rental car

By Tenerife routes normally going to go around the Pico del Teide, in one way or another. If you have vehicle we can visit places like El Medano, Las Galletas or Adeje we bring you this video. The three beaches form part of the coast situated to the South of the island, and that should not miss.

For more information on places to see in Tenerife North you have our section of car rental in Tenerife.

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