niu blau

Niu Blau: Secrets of Ibiza

Niu Blau

Niu Blau: Secrets of Ibiza

On the road linking the towns of Eulália and Es Canar we find one of the most prolific stretches of coast in beach of the island. Niu Blau is one of these places deserve, and much worth exploring.

You will find more comfortable access from Santa Eulalia. In a well-signposted detour on the road to little more than one kilometer, you access a dirt road. A little luck to park and beach is our front.

Knowing Niu blau

A beach by some rather unusual. Not believe that exceed them one hundred meters of long but is very wide. If one end we see a small development, on the other hand, pointing to the East, we came across a small sea inlet that serves as a refuge for some boats. In this area the depth of the beach is little forming a species of barrier of aspect coral to the entrance. Can walk on it with footwear right (I have enjoyed as a child).

Until here don’t let of be a beach more. But we can walk quietly by the surroundings, where the Show visual is surprising. During a long stretch can see, between pine forests and low Shrublands, a broad perspective of Niu Blau. The land rises a little and the path turns sharply. Here should be a little more careful as the width of the road, without being disturbing, brings us closer to a small cliff. Already missing less.

Hiking in Niu Blau

The road widens and two coves appear to us. The Ibizan coast presents bays that would take us weeks discover. By rule general will find some varadero but it most be presented Virgin and unknown to the great public. For me, it is one of the biggest attractions that presents Ibiza. But back to these small coves. Here not there are beach bars, or umbrellas, even a bar nearby. The first of the coves accessed with stairs. The place is perfect for sunbathing without touching the sand.

The second Cove has a small varadero with other access by staircase quite steep. Although the soil is Rocky fruit of the composition hard of the coast, the quality and transparency of the water you invite to the bathroom. There isn’t much room where lie but intimacy is certainly almost absolute.

If we want, the road continues up to arrive to cala Pada. It is not a very long distance to walk. The coast is going to bring us new surprises that will have in another occasion.

You can find information more complete in our sheet of Niu Blau

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