Naturopathy in Ibiza

Naturopatia en Ibiza

Naturopathy in Biosoma Ibiza.

BIOSOMA. ALTERNATIVE HEALTH, starts from the basis that natural medicine should be complementary to other types of alternative medicine, and especially with allopathic medicine, which always works being in permanent contact with medical professionals in different specialties. Xavier Ferrer always claimed the use of them medicines traditional of West, never in detriment of other medicines traditional (understand is it medicine traditional Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, etc.), but understanding the made of that to each human being you corresponds that that is more own of the nature that you surrounds and where has born, and trumpeting the made of that large wise of it culture and the medicine Mediterranean such as Hippocrates and Paracelsus, left us a wealth that seems to not be taken into account today day by giving to understand the great mistake that what always comes from outside is better that what is inside.
From the point of view of natural medicine, it is understood that: “all illness is treatable”, but that doesn’t mean that “all disease is curable,” trying to get in this last concept improve the quality of life of the person who could suffer from it. Therefore, treated health problems are all from a simple cold to more complex and destructive disease that exists and always within the limitations that the problem itself.
Treatments and therapies that are used are suitable for people of all ages, from newborn babies to people of old age in his last years of life experience, always taken from the extreme caution which corresponds to each age group.

A great experience

Xavier Ferrer (Eivissa 1970), as head of BIOSOMA. Health alternative, is technician in naturopathy. Takes 16 years to the service of alternative medicine using their wide range of techniques in health care, being their own patients, the main supporters of his experience in consultation.
He graduated in manual techniques of exploration and treatment, being in this field where he developed most of his professional experience and is a consummate specialist. Specializing in sports injuries and back problems, has been contributed to the medical services of the Real Club Deportivo Mallorca, as well as a contributor to multiple sports and social events in the Balearic Islands (the Championship of World Triathlon, the Balearic challenge of cycling, marathon of Calvià, the international tennis championship of Mallorca, the Championship of Spain of Kick Boxing and a long etcetera).
It is a specialist in homeopathy Spagyrica (update of the traditional medicine of the West), therapeutic method of boom nationwide, today is day the only specialist in the island of Ibiza, getting extraordinary results in this field in a multitude of diseases considered incurable or chronic by allopathic medicine.
Is monitor therapeutic gymnastics, relaxation and human development, giving classes in which tries to explain as a person can get to know and control their physical, mental, energetic and spiritual organism through various techniques of conscious exercises (breathing, relaxation, meditation, therapeutic gymnastics, empowerment of aspects as the positive mental attitude, concentration, self-esteem development (, self-image, personal assessment), some created by the same exercises and other universal.
* Member of the Spanish Association of sports massage.
* Member of the society Spanish of preparers sports.
* Member of S.E.I.S. (Sociedad de estudios e investigaciones Spagyricas).
* Member of the National Foundation of naturopathy.
* Member of the Association Balearic of medicine naturopathic.

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