Map of Santa Eulalia

Mapa de Santa Eulalia

We present the map official of Santa Eulalia, whose name official is Santa Eularia des Riu. Map is quite detailed, although we we miss some points of interest that you will discuss. The main street is known as Sant Jaume. Nothing else begins crossing the Pont Nou, to the West of the map.

Exploring the map of Santa Eulalia.

Here we find the well-known Puig de Missa, a high ground that presides over the city. It is a point that we must not lose us, even just for the views offered on the population and the coast. In this small mound we find much of the history that has kept alive Santa Eulalia. The Church reflects the life and customs of the ancient Ibiza. We must not miss the Barrau Museum or the Museum of Ethnology. Behind this mountain, to the North, we find a small path in the Greece Street. It is not marked on the map, but here is the Creu d’ Ribes, a small chapel which, according to legend, a monk that villagers carried food lived it. There is a procession that amounts to render honors to the top but can be visited throughout the year. If you have good legs the view is worth.

Emphasizing on the map of Santa Eulalia

Of the rest of Santa Eulàlia map highlights the market, the Town Hall and in front of the latter, the paseo de S’ S’alamera, very popular thanks to its hippie market. South of the city, you can visit the Marina, a nautical complex of great international interest. Nor can leave behind the two beaches urban of Santa Eulalia. The first receives the name of the town. The second is known by several names. We know the Santa Eulalia river beach and the beach of is Pins (the pines) Although these already are few. Under these and with the name of Sa mouth des Riu (the mouth of the river) find the exit to the sea of the river of Santa Eulalia. As particularity, this is the only River of the Islands Balearic Islands and in its entry will find a small port with boats and boats. Worth a climb along the promenade where, after leaving behind the catwalk that leads to the neighborhood of Siesta, arrived at one of the most iconic and lesser-known. The Pont Vell of Santa Eulalia. The old bridge where before passing the carts of wheat to the mills of the town. Today day has become a step cultural walk from where contemplate the Puig de Missa on the one hand, and a small pond filled with vegetation and fauna.

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