Map of Port des Torrent

Mapa de Port des Torrent

It is one of the most important tourist places that can be found in Ibiza Port des Torrent, in the Bay of Portmany. We bring you the map of Port des Torrent, although its title indicates that it is a map of the Bay of Portmany. You should consider a few things before you enter the description of the map. Despite being the Bay of Portmany, this part of the coast belongs to the municipality of Sant Josep. To level tourist affects little, except that the crane will take your car. The name given to this part of the Bay is due to the road. This ends at the beach known as Port des Torrent, much later, as outside the scope of this map.

Exploring the map of Port des Torrent

If we start from the North, we will see that on the right we find the Avenida Doctor Fleming. This street is the continuation of the map of Sant Antoni. From the first roundabout you can reach all the coastal stretch. If you are sightseeing along the beaches we recommend this route. But if their intention is to move towards any accommodation in particular, then keep in mind that this street is filled with bus stops and traffic is especially slow. If we then take our recommendation to more quickly pass along take the second roundabout and cross Port des Torrent by a more rapid and comprehensive road.

The coastal stretch is quite interesting since its inception. For starters, we find the Punta des Molí. A restored mill of great interest is preserved in this sector. A perfect place to take our picture. The coast continues with the beach of Es Pouet. The beach has been divided into different spaces that give rise to three beaches more belonging to the same geographical entity, but things of tourism, have given different names. Below is the beach d’ in Wikia, the last arena before leaving the Bay. From here the coast becomes more Rocky though of low height, being able to take a bath out of the beach area at almost any point contact with the sea.

Off the map of Port des Torrent

Continuing off the map of Port des Torrent, a few meters from the Racó de Ses Fontanelles, we finally found the Beach Port des Torrent. The whole area is full of accommodation of all kinds and a large group of local environment and leisure. Is is very well connected by land with enough lines of buses that depart towards the towns more important. Here we already abandoned the typical English tourism from the Centre of Sant Antoni to find us a much more diverse tourism.

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