Map of bus from Ibiza

Mapa de autobuses de Ibiza

It is not easy to get around Ibiza by bus, so we’re going to cheat. But if have intentions of doing it, then nothing better that download us the map of buses of Ibiza. We will have to study it very well if we intend to move through this means of locomotion. But we have to be especially careful if our transfers are carried out in the winter and little inhabited or frequent areas of Ibiza geography.

Total Ibiza has fifty bus lines, including the las Dalias market bus and the Discobus. Not there is a correlation between them numbers and those destinations or nor uniformity concerning them companies that cover them different journeys. Or so even there is a date clear to is move the stop of Ibiza to its new location. For now, all the buses that depart from Ibiza leave from the street Isidor Macabich.

Lines on the map of bus from Ibiza town

The guia-mapa belongs to the year 2010 although his routes are still equally valid. We started by Centrebus, a circular bus that runs along the inside of the city of Ibiza. Line number 3 leads to Sant Antoni crossing Sant Rafel, the shortest path. It lies on the route of the clubs and find availability throughout the year, even at night. Line 8 also reach Sant Antoni but passing through the town of Sant Josep. Eye because there is no availability on Sundays and public holidays. The next line as part of the city is the number 10 and 10b. The difference the matches in which the first reaches the airport through the town of Sant Jordi and the second crosses Beach d’ Bossa. Be careful because this second line is only available during the months of July and August. Finally the 45 line unites Vara de Rey with the neighborhood of Cas Serres.

Line 11 connects with Ibiza Ses Salines Beach, with a very irregular schedule. The line 12, the more used, travels Ibiza in both senses of form circular. 13 reaches Beach to Santa Eulalia and 14 d’ Bossa passing by Can Misses, the hospital in Ibiza. Also them locations important feature of bus regular with the line 15, for example, that comes to Cala Llonga passing by Jesus. It same occurs with the line 25 until San Miguel, the line 26 towards Cala Vadella, the 33 towards San Matthew, the line 35 until Sant Jordi and the 38 until Cala Tarida. Eye with some of these services because in winter especially there that call with advance the day previous.

Lines of the map of bus from Ibiza with Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni also has buses to the tourist areas, although in most cases it only operates during the summer. So we have line 1 to the hotel Stella Maris, line 2 direction Port des Torrent, the 4 until Cala Conta, the five until Cala Tarida, line 6 to the beach Port des Torrent (not to confuse with the tourist resort of Port des Torrent), line 7 to Cala Bassa or line 22 to the port of San Miguel. Although throughout the year we will have buses available to the main points of the island. The line 30 in direction to San Mateo, for example. But also from the Airport (9) and Santa Eulalia (19).

Lines on the map of Ibiza Santa Eulalia bus

Santa Eulalia can consider is another of those points strategic to reach them areas coastal next. And also the interior, with the bus 16 that arrives to San Carlos or up to San Juan (21). Although also are frequent them lines that operate during the summer. Have then bus to Cala Llenya (16A), is Figueral (16B), Cala San Vicente (16 c), the urbanization of NAP (17), is Canar (18A), Cala Nova and Cala Martina (18B), Portinatx (21A), is Canar-Airport (24) and Cala Llonga (41).

Lines of buses with Sant Josep Ibiza map

Sant Josep, despite not possessing a nucleus of special relevance, will take advantage of connections with Ibiza and Sant Antoni. In particular, this last town goes through the population with buses to the beaches, but there is a line which will go up to Cala de Bou, near Sant Antoni, passing through the small St. Augustine.

Lines of the map of bus from Ibiza with Sant Joan

Sant Joan is the village more remote and perhaps the more inaccessible. Some connections with the capital (20, 20A, 20B) and Santa Eulalia (21, 21A) will allow us to connect with the population.

Map of Ibiza bus lines

We still find the line that links the port of San Miguel to Es Canar (37), a purely tourist route that only occurs during the summer months. At this time it will also be available the dahlias Bus, with routes from Portinatx beaches Es Canar, es Figueral, Cala San Vicente and the town of Sant Joan, and the route linking the market with the city of Ibiza. The Discobus can become a good option with transfers to the main discotheques of Ibiza, San Rafael, San Antonio, playa d’ Bossa, Santa Eulalia, Es Canar and Port des Torrent.

our recommendation if you plan to use this service is to reach early stops, especially if their journeys are not urban. Calculate travel time if you take more than one bus and especially not distracted last exit if you are on a beach. If you want to visit beaches or places not expressly included within this map we recommend that you choose the car rental in Ibiza.


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