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Hotel de lujo en Formentera
Luxury hotel in Formentera. Without a doubt, we present you the best hotel that can be found on the island of Formentera. A real luxury Migjorn beach.

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Formentera is one of the tourist destinations in the most charming and authentic Mediterranean that imaginable. The Caribbean and Heavenly aspect of this small island has captivated generations each of its visitors. Legendary for their beauty in Formentera artists and composers, and lately, quite a few television commercials have been inspired. These have been highlighted side hippy and most adventurous of an island which are few in the world.

Looking for a luxurious in Formentera hotel

Sure to find luxury hotels in Formentera. Little constructions allowed in this island and its limited accessibility have not allowed the development of such accommodation. However, we suggest a settlement, which without being a luxury hotel, is a meeting point for customers more exclusive.

A luxury hotel in the paradise of the Migjorn Beach

If they have ever seen a map of Formentera, or they have traveled the island, they will be seen as a long, narrow arm joins the two tracts of land at the ends of the island. During five kilometres of sand and water, on the South side, the Migjorn beach. A landscape of dunes and forest stretches around the coast, sometimes broken by the rural roads that lead up to the sand.
At the beginning of this beach, in first line of sea, we find a four star hotel. Accommodation is not, but its set of services make you worthy of an outstanding first place in hotels in high Standing of the island. We are talking about no doubt the Hotel Riu La Mola.

Services of a luxury hotel in Formentera

With an outstanding set of services, the rooms have been redecorated. Spacious and elegant, its amazing views allow you to enjoy the visitor with a unique stay. For most environments, their one and two floor bungalows are a perfect choice. Without a doubt the best hotel in Formentera.
Recent Spa Centre will delight for those who take care of their health, or want to enjoy a relaxing session.
You won’t find a luxury hotel in Formentera, but the Rui La Mola Hotel is the perfect choice.

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