las rozas con alquiler de coches

Las Rozas car rental in Madrid

One of the places that you most often listen when they speak of the Spanish sport news is the Las Rozas football city. Except the locals, few know more that Las Rozas is a municipality in Madrid, which keeps its interior much more than sports facilities. If you have booked a car rental company in Madrid we invite you to take a walk around the surrounding area and reach this town. If you do not have your vehicle then you can check out our web- cheap Madrid car rental.

Video from Las Rozas car rental in Madrid.

Video which we then see one of those places in Las Rozas that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy: the dam of The Gasco in Las Rozas. It is the remains of an old proposal that sought to join Madrid with Seville via a navigable river. The project was not completed, but there are the remains of some buildings immersed in a natural setting.

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