It is Caló des Moro

Es Calo des Moro

The area of Es Caló des Moro is famous for its sunsets, not for its beach. They have thus considered calling the sandy stretch included within the urban core. It is not our intention to recommend to pass here a perfect day of beach, or far, but if you can take advantage of the other qualities presenting Es Calo des Moro.

How to get there
If we refer to the beach, as it is quite easy. It is located next to the port of Sant Antoni but will be much easier to get through the calle Santa Rosalia either taking by Isidor Macabich, a major urban routes. As a reference point, follow the slope down and not be lost. To access the area further north we recommend you reach the roundabout and down West Street. To access the area of bars, nothing better than take the first turn-off left Isidor Mabich-up. In other words, upload by the port and hand left.

That I can find.
Because the area is very wide, but the bars you will find spectacular sunsets with environments Chill Out where we will be able to take something with the last rays of the day. North a long walk that incites to pull the fishing rods, as the Rocky stretch is low and allows quiet practice.

The beach.
Well, it’s beach they say. About fifty meters from a suspicious, almost artificial color sand I would say, because the area is good but the beach does not. It is cornered and by rule general is not that it is saturated, there is no who walk out there. That Yes, watersports, also to engine, we’re going to be bored.

That took me.
Man, I usually I carry gear, with buoy because the area is very rocky, but if yours is another type of fishing, as the full portfolio. If you intend to take something in the area of Café del Mar. Day, evening or night. It remains to be seen that they eat cows of Es Caló des Moro milk out so expensive.

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