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Yates de lujo

As each summer, during the month of August, the nighttime visit to the port of Ibiza is indispensable. Old acquaintances and many novelties, as always, come together in the most exclusive moorings of the port. Limousines and luxury cars dwarf to the amazement of passersby. Large luxury yachts make Act of presence. Before such demonstration of glamour one can only take out the camera and hide envy. “In addition, wouldn’t I have to go barefoot for a boat cover…” Well, maybe if you are in one of these luxury yachts, you don’t mind so much.

What’s new in the port of Ibiza

This year it shone with own light Baboom. A spectacular sailing boat that left no one indifferent. Impeccable White Helmet, its railings and finials wood invited to stroll through its roof. An invitation few may have.
Old known as Rubeccan yacht returned to serve as background to the photo of tourists. Find it hard to resist when the darkness of the water contrasts in such a delicate way with careful lighting of these boats. The presence again of a ‘old’ yacht in black shell, where you can hardly see the old letters that gave name returns to the center of the comments. For some strange, mysterious boat. For others a Devourer of miles.

Yate de lujo

The greatest exponent of the luxury yachts

But if something is worth getting to the end of the jetty, it is to see again, as every year, Lady Lola. Seeing their three decks, its hundreds of spotlights, its glassed-in cabin is a luxury. Tailgate that houses the watercraft is no less striking. But see how hollow opening between the rest, the lights under the helmet wrapped it in a magic to which all left speechless, that’s priceless. Almost like the yacht, where the exclusivity is just one detail.
Finished our tour, we approached back worldly civilization, with the somewhat tired feet. For three euros and a half we caught a ferry that takes us from the port of Ibiza Figueretas. They are not luxury yachts or have so glamorous, but thanks that you leave us almost at the door of the House. But if it seems insufficient, we can also rent a yacht in Ibiza from our website.

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