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Hotels Ibiza. Tips for choosing hotel.

Living in Ibiza is a luxury. If you like friends on Facebook to people of the peninsula with intentions of coming to the island, the first thing to ask yourself is by hosting. It is curious, because I don’t need to stay in hotels, so in principle little know of these accommodations. And I say in principle, because here it is rare not to have any friendship that Yes to do so. As in my house beds are all occupied, I can only put plan B. point out which are the most suitable for the type of vacation that want to enjoy the kind of accommodation you should choose and of course, commented on the island this hotel or this one.

Ways of living the island.

The first thing I teach them, is that there is a Ibiza for each visitor. Do you have children? Are you coming to rest or to live the night? At that time just for ti night?. For those who come to enjoy until the wee hours and watch the Sunrise (I say to see because in Ibiza NOT THERE AFTERHOURS by law), my first recommendation is the beach d’ Bossa. “You will have the beach during the day and party from six to six.” From here can take buses that mark the path of the big clubs. I can’t go with the children? The disco not, the beach of course. But if your accommodation caught near a large nightclub, however much that is soundproof, the ruckus outside can cause discomfort.

You can also find quite March in the port of Ibiza, and from here go to other places where the night madruga. In the Talamanca area, on the other side of the port, found the area more vip, Pacha and the casino de Ibiza. Two landmarks and it is worth visiting (unless the disco) before leaving the island.

Some make me reference to Sant Antoni and its famous West. Sant Antoni is a zone of “clubbers”. But downtown, at night, is a true wild hive. And while most advances overnight, it more riots. But here is a matter of taste.

By removing these two places, Ibiza becomes a place of rest and relaxation, suitable for different budgets. So you will have to opt for places full of services and amenities, as it is the case of Santa Eulária. If you like more the nature and the landscapes more natural, you recommend the area of Sant Joan. Between the two there are a large number of cottages, with a high purchasing power rule general, but really impressive. All the coastal section from Sant Josep represents the spirit more hippy. Not be wrong, said hippy, not cheap. But it is true that except the ends of the municipality, with more nightlife to party all areas, the rest has a spiritual charm.

Should we rent a car? Hotels Ibiza

A part very important of your choice should depend on of its capacity of move is. Already have commented on this blog that the bus not are an option. Unless you are staying in the towns of Santa Eulária or Sant Antoni, you may lose more money and time than enjoy practicing tourism in Ibiza. If not going to rent a vehicle, choose always a zone Central. Ibiza is a good choice, as the above-mentioned localities.

If it won’t have car, ask the hotel provide him a transfer, or try our collaborator in shuttle Ibiza. Some accommodation can find is to kilometers of the stop of bus more close. Although always can call a taxi, which can be any thing less cheap.

I need something very cheap.

Because you have not chosen the right vacation place. We could recommend a hostel, but already notice you that price with the hotels does not vary too much. Hostels and guest houses, almost no longer exist as such. While they have kept its name of origin, have been updated prices.

Hotels Ibiza. Watch out for bids.

You can find very cheap prices on some Hotels Ibiza has also suffered a crisis, even though it is very particular. The hotel chain GPS has acquired many accommodations after entering bankruptcy. We have received news of hotels for 12 euros the night. Also in that they have had to share a room with other tenants with more than two legs. And it is that at those prices, not paid water, electricity and cleaning service. And as you can not open without water and light, something must be overrun.

The apartments can be a good choice whenever he comes in group or whether a large family. There is several accommodation which benefits from an apartment have joined the services of the Hotels Ibiza city is not just an example, but if we can get out of the capital will see some very notable examples.

Hotels Ibiza

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