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Hotel Hawaii Ibiza

If you have been in the town of San Antonio, and has walked along the promenade, you’ve seen as a small breakwater in two beach. Es Pouet, left to right, S’Arenal. In the Centre, a small beach. Here the coast takes a very peculiar aspect. In addition to thirty meters of sand we will find a perfect platform for sunbathing or dip your feet if we don’t like stepping on soft. We are an approximate kilometre from the egg of Columbus who presides over the entrance to the village, opposite the hotel Hawaii. We can not call it an exclusive Beach, but seems made to measure for the guests of the hotel.

The tip of ‘ s Molí, name given to this outgoing, hosts this three-star hotel. With spectacular views of the port of San Antonio and famous sunset of the town, you can enjoy at the same time of the pleasures of the sea and the night life of the West. For atmosphere, of course it won’t be. The road that separates us from Passeig de Ses Fonts is packed with music bars.

Rooms at the Hotel Hawaii. Hotels Ibiza

One of the advantages of the is the flexibility in the rooms that we find. A less than two years can sleep for free in a crib. Rooms may be single, double, double over a child, triple more a child and we even have the option of a Premium double room for two people.

There are many services offered by the restaurant, although we can highlight the presence of reception 24 hours, bar and restaurant and terrace. Of course, a swimming pool with sea views.

The rooms have heating and air conditioning. The hotel is equipped for people with reduced mobility and has a lift.

Activities in the Hotel Hawaii

We will also have activities for leisure. The evening entertainment is assured not only outside, also inside the hotel. We will have available a Wi-Fi connection payment. If we rent a car at the airport of Ibiza we can park for free close by.

If you want to see more photos and check the prices and location we recommend you visit our Hotel Hawaii tab.

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