catedral de ibiza3

Ibiza Cathedral

Catedral de Ibiza

Ibiza from the heights

Whenever I get to Ibiza, the first visual reference that I find, either by boat or by plane, is the reigning over the city Cathedral . Whether lowering of Sant Antoni, Santa Eularia, or from the airport, one looks up and there it is. In the distance. And right away, because she sometimes is more a matter of faith than of legs.

Up until she can quietly take the car, desaparcarlo, give a little (to the car) and return it to the Park. It will not reach the Cathedral, but it’ll feel like one resident more. Approach everything it can at the wall. From the paseo de Vara de Rey, you can take a minibus which will take you to the Town Hall. You can take it if you find it and know that time is passed. It is white and has a small sign on the back door. Leaves every half hour. Or that have captions.

The arrival at the Cathedral has no loss. Uphill. Stop along the way to take pictures and buy something in the convent of the nuns. The desserts are pretty good. Continue to rise because the road has no loss. When you reach the main square, you will find the Curia House and the archaeological museum. It is the time to cross it. Not because we are in front of a building of legend, not. The Cathedral has a schedule that is already an official wanted to. No matter what the sign says. I’ve uploaded a Saturday at nine o’clock in the morning and I’ve been bored. Go on Sunday. Pass the brush.

Regarding the building, its history goes back to the Catalan conquest. It was not constituted Ibiza Cathedral up to thousand eight hundred seventeen. It is a large temple in comparison with the population on the island. Huge slopes which precede it make even bigger the immense work of construction and reconstruction that has been submitted.

Although within the Diocesan Museum, what will most draw attention is the figure of the tomb of Christ and the altar at Santa Maria, strangely illuminated. The stained glass windows, although recent, give a special light ship.

If does not have the opportunity to visit it, at least stay with the images that you can catch if you walk through the area of the Bell Tower. Coast, sea and infinity.

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