alquiler coches ibiza fiat panda

Ibiza car rental: Fiat Panda

Alquiler coches Ibiza Fiat Panda

Rental car Ibiza: Fiat Panda

If you have wondered into a page of car rental that means Peugeot 107 or similar, here is a clear example of the similar term. The Fiat Panda belongs to the same category and offers very similar performance, but with a couple of advantages over the previous one.

Dimensions of the Fiat Panda. Ibiza car rental

Thus very small dimensions. A car urban indicated especially for move you with ease in the city and find parking not suitable for other vehicles. The overall length of the vehicle exceeds barely three meters and a half while width reaches not just the 1600 CM. A narrow car not suitable for more than four people for the inconvenience posed by the limited space between the two rear seats.
The boot won’t very plenty. Without moving the sliding seat forward, we obtain a 176 litre load volume. Moving the seats to front can get sixty litres of capacity extra. If carry too much luggage can sacrifice them seats rear and reach them 786 litres of capacity, although not is an option very recommended in the car of rent.

Performance and consumptions of the Fiat Panda. Ibiza car rental

The maximum speed of the car reaches the one hundred and sixty-two kilometers per hour. Clear that the speed is sees reduced by the consumption of the air conditioning if it have been since. Although it must be clarified that not all models of this vehicle have an element that we believe it is essential for the months of summer in Ibiza.

Urban consumption is somewhat superior to other models in its class. With almost six litres petrol we take hundred kilometers in urban circuit. That leads to another important fact in car rental. How much capacity does the fuel tank of the Fiat Panda? As thirty-five litres.

Rent a Fiat Panda in Ibiza

Is a good choice if are looking for a rental cheap. Distances on the island are not excessive as to suffer by the shuttle space but always we will have to take into account the reduced so much space when it comes to sit down as the transported things in the trunk.

This car is available to rent not only in Ibiza. Also in Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera.

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