How to reach Can Misses

Hospital Ibiza

If you are looking for information on how to get to the Hospital Can Misses here. If you prefer to see how to put them to give birth, follow.

Yesterday I thought to write an article about Can Misses and they have left me two unintentionally. In this blog we always try to talk about the good and bad that has Ibiza, without insult. But today work is costing me. Lot of work.

In the previous post I mentioned How to get to the hospital, with signs for relatives of some tourists who had had a problem and is hospitalized. As the idea was to give the most reliable information I decided to search on the website of the hospital.

I know from experience that these family members are unable to anything that is not running, up to swimming, to Ibiza. As they do not seek on the web, probably not passing them through the head. But a neighbor or friend if.

Upon entering the web I found a lot of news and a curious counter, funded with (my, your, our, your) public money which warns workers of the prohibition, for them, smoking in the hospital grounds. It is a campaign of awareness.

Just below there is a menu with the option of “how to reach the centres”. Press it I find a page “how to reach the centres” in stating me that I have to press the button of “reach schools” so they give me information. A failure of the (webmaster, administrative, concessionaire) system seems to give the most vital information needed by a stunning family.

Well, let’s look at the City Council’s website. Ah, a phone number. In the Consell… ummm nothing. In the portal of Ibiza travel… less. That certainly someone could tell me who have been told that they can invest (my, your, our, your) public money into the promotion of private enterprises

I’ll look in Google. “How to reach Can Misses“. Anda, if in the first ten results do not have not even God. In the first one hundred not. To see if I am the only one who has accidents.

We must reach the conclusion that actually on the island, but you come from tourism, and you bring money, to any company or public organisation he blows it. That it has to be this website, no budget, no officials, no soplagaitas, at the cost of my free time, which has to give this information, which took half an hour to pick up, is to cut the veins. Or better to leave them long, not going to be that you enter.

But this island health services managers are more concerned in how and where bundled their workers, rather than to remedy the plague in (good doctors) that are marching through its policy, which we can include mandatory levels of catalan (when I’m sick I want a doctor not a nationalist) so they roll heads kicked. But of course, for that would have to find them. And on its website, it will not be.

The aforementioned article has no links or I publicito nothing. I give full freedom to copy and paste it where more like it. If someone need it and finds it, it will thank you.

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