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How to enjoy Valencia with your rental car

When you have a car rental in Valencia , you have many options to enjoy unique places. In addition to be able to move around the city quickly, you’ll be able to explore a unique land.

Where to go from Valencia to make your car hire

One of the most attractive routes, by the beauty of the landscape, is the visit to the Valencian coast. A stroll in Gandia is a good way to enjoy a unique landscape of large sandbanks. It is about seventy kilometres from the city of Valencia, a perfect distance for your rental car.
Taking advantage of our visit we can go to places such as the beautiful monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba, eight kilometres from Gandia. It is an excellent opportunity to know the surroundings.

On the same road we can reach corners as the Valley of Valldigna. A sight to behold that should go well stocked water. Since then the route is well worth.

Taking advantage of our rental car to visit the Albufera de Valencia

Clear that if we do not want to move so much, we will always be able to go to really unique places in Spain and that they bring the party to your car rental in Valencia. One of the places we recommend especially is a visit to the Albufera de Valencia. When you arrive, you should not miss the boat ride on the water. The feeling to navigate among a large number of ducks and herons is really indescribable.

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