Font des Verger

Font des Verger Ibiza

Font des Verger

One of them places more curious that Ibiza deep us presents it found in Sant Josep. Go ahead that the climate of Ibiza is not particularly wet as rainfall is concerned. So it is when less strange to find us with the beauty of Font places des Verger.

Where is find Font des Verger

To place us a little best us found to the South of the town of Sant Josep, in the road that une the core urban with the area known as Porroig. A kilometer and half about, we have a depression that runs between four mountain elevations. The slope and terrain have formed two streams of water from the mountains. It shed South has originated the known as Torrent des Pouet, a small stream of water that during the rains flows until join is with others small torrents. The northern slope, with less inclination, allows a continuous flow of water even in the dry season.

Festivals in Font des Verger

Away from appreciate is the tour of the water to mode of stream, will be them reeds that grow along a narrow stretch which us indicate the presence of a current. Visually at least, because water is often heard passing through the reeds with a very characteristic sound. That same sound leads to Font des Verger, a fountain built on a broad wall of construction not dated. Evidence of its existence in the 18TH century is no, but no previous data. Of what are completely safe is of its importance in the life social of the region, as is still celebrating the dance annual during the day 5 of August.

The water that emanates from this source served not only for human consumption, but also for livestock. It retains the trough a few meters from the entrance. Next to she found a pipeline that us takes until a small raft, where the water continues to give the color green to all the area of cultivation and to the own inside of Font des Verger.

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