Figueretas Ibiza


The neighborhood

Forty years ago, Figueretas was known as the zone of the fig trees. With the explosion of tourism it quickly became a residential neighborhood with hotels occupying the main beach strip. Virgin land within walking distance of the Centre of Ibiza. That was forty years ago. He is considered today a slum, overrun by immigration. That Yes. In Ibiza a slum has nothing to do with what they can find in any large city. However should recognize that it is the most abandoned by the institutions.

During the day.

Figueretas is an area with a lot of movement. At noon it becomes a district packed with shops and bars. Almost all banks have an office on the main road transit to Playa d’ Bossa. The supermarkets are plentiful, and grocery stores do not supply during the summer. People go “up” to the Center. One hundred meters. The parking is complicated from one.

The beach.

You can see it from any street. All are sloping towards the main attraction of Figueretas. The Beach is fully equipped. You will only need the towel. The portfolio also, but take well guarded. There are no bars, but the quantity, variety and quality of restaurants on the promenade will allow you to eat almost anything. My favorite is the Chinese restaurant, but you will find restaurants for all tastes.

The afternoon.

After eating, they begin to get workers in hotels. Much uniform through the streets. Activity relax and want a good coffee. The market begins to push up on the promenade and is when you buy a pijada for showing off. Rings, pendants, prints. Hippy style. When the sun goes down, a refreshing drink on any terrace will be good. You can find musical terraces next to the main square of the ride. For dinner, you choose.


When one finishes dinner, you can contact the bars that there is the walk and some adjoining streets. In the area of the mills, at the end of the ride, the gay-friendly espabila. But about midnight, even something before, Figueretas loses its glamour and the lights of brothels. The corners become areas of harassment to the male passerby and the night turns into a coming and going of prostitutes that deviate to the arrival of a car patrol. Although this rarely happens.

Figueretas is a special district. Friendly and currante during the day and tricky by night, but is not a bad neighborhood, not even to live. I know. I live in Figueretas.

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