Fiestas de Figueretas 2011

Fiestas de Figueretas 2011

Fiestas de Figueretas 2011

A new year comes the most anticipated festivals in Ibiza. Away from the great performances and events presenting the Fiestas de la Tierra, Figueretas parties tend to be quite simple and virtually all its activities focus on the place more welcoming of this neighborhood, on the promenade of Figueretas next to plaza de Julián Verdera. From Wednesday will be going on all performances until the date marked in red on the calendar.

The great event of the festivities of Figueretas 2011

Although some years moved to day 15, but continues to focus all activity overnight. From all parts of the island approach to the area of Los Molinos Beach d’ Bossa to enjoy Fireworks Castle. Each year is produces a beautiful castle of fires artificial from where is was the ancient pool of water sweet. For surprise of which come the show by first time, stop them fires in the shore to pass to launch them from it known as island of the rats. These releases is van alternating with a show of fires that is released to the water forming beautiful figures, ending with the Fireworks end and the applause of those present. Quite an event in the Festival of Figueretas.

Programming for Figueretas 2011 parties

Wednesday, August 10:

10:00 h. first tour route of the wine, for our greater.

Thursday day 11:

22:30 h. Marcial and his group.

Friday day 12:

18:00 h. demonstration craft Ibiza in vivo (Association is Retorn)

21:00 h. Baile Payés Sa Winery

21:45 h. Proclamation of feasts (Agustín Prades)

22:00 h. music, DJ Tin Tin

23:30 h. Mr OWL

Saturday day 13:

18:00 h. (Association is Retorn) artisan demonstration

20:30 h. exhibition of talent youth

22:00 h. Show Hawaii

23:30 h Trio Es Paradis

Sunday day 14:

18:00 h. demonstration artenasal (Association is Retorn)

20:30 h. Show magic Agustin Prades

21:30 h. Stone Corner

22:00 h. Illatina

23:30 h. Funcale

Monday 15th:

20:30 h. monologue of neighborhoods (José Boto)

22:15 h. Show dance around the world

23:30 h. Group galore

00: 00 h. Great castle of fires artificial

00:30 h. Group galore

More local information on our tab from Figueretas beach. Not will miss the day 15 the end of the

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