Entries is Paradis Ibiza 2011

Entradas Es Paradis Ibiza 2011

Entries is Paradis Ibiza 2011

Of the five big clubs in Ibiza, perhaps less known by the Spanish public is Es Paradis. However, if we speak of the United Kingdom, this remains one of the clubs most renowned where sounds the best British house. Not there that forget that Sant Antoni, where is located is Paradis, is the main destination tourist of the youth English.

Arriving. Entries is Paradis Ibiza 2011

Situated along the promenade of the beach of Sant Antoni, Es Paradis is perfectly visible from almost any point of the Bay. Stands out greatly the dome of glass that encloses a capacity spectacular. Among the DJs who play usually we find names of the likes of Tall Paul, Sonique, Todd Ferry or Danny Rampling. On the island are known water parties, fun and extremely wet. Their performances are very varied and among them we highlight:

Fabulush Monday. Entries is Paradis Ibiza 2011

From of the disco Joy Eslava arrives to the scene of Ibiza Fabulush. This Festival was conceived as a meeting place of the main European and American clubber. Its growth has been spectacular and this year receives the incorporation of British Clubbing Cocoloco Uk. Fabulush receives his inspiration of the night of the vegas, where the glamour and the environment luxurious, attached to countless attractions aerial and a scenario very dynamic. To this there is that unite you the incorporation of large stars invited from of the United Kingdom, New York and Miami. A true pleasure for the senses.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, the great water festival. Entries is Paradis Ibiza 2011

Probably the most fun summer party. Under the baton of MDK and Denis, the central track of the disco starts to fill with water becoming an authentic pool. It can always opt not to get wet, but to enjoy carefree, take a backpack with towel and dry clothes. Leave it in the wardrobe and prepare yourself to enjoy of the night as never before.

Ibiza Rocks, a special celebration. Entries is Paradis Ibiza 2011

It is not every night, only some Thursday. But if you have the opportunity, not you it can lose. Ibiza Rocks After Show is presented as a festival of merger charge of Example, DJ Wire and DJ Jan, Doorly and Nicola Bear. A full of famous party in a single night.

HED Kandi. Tickets is Paradis Ibiza 2011

In its second year, Hed Kandi has left of be a novelty to convert is in the party favorite of the public British. The best House makes an appearance in the hand of Ministry of Sound in a show that touches down in Ibiza after their residencies in Pacha London and Crobar New York.

Urban Heroes. Tickets is Paradis Ibiza 2011

Of those promoters Rampage, comes the party with more numbers one of the market English. The best R & B, Old Skool, Dubstep and Funky House that you can find. A show that has managed a large number of followers with several English and American music talent and that burst on Sunday night.

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