Disco Es Paradis

Discoteca Es Paradis

When I got to the island, I spent a few years living in Sant Antoni. And passing through Sant Antoni and not visit the Disco Es Paradis is like removing the stick to the lollipops. It is not not come to like but you will lose all the charm.

How to get to the disco

One of the main attractions of this Club is that you don’t have to shake you much if you stay in Sant Antoni, what you’ll save bus, time, and offset. And probably an annoyance if they stop you from green to make you blow. But if you’re anywhere else Ibiza takes note.

To which caught the bus, you must lower it more close possible of the egg of colon, that is located to the input of the people. If you pass stop, nothing happens. The end of line is a little more forward and back along the promenade can be more colorful. By car, arriving at the roundabout of the egg, take the road that follows the beach. On the left is Es Paradis and parking which can be accessed by the small street that leads to the entrance.

That I find at Es Paradis.

As a large room finished in a dome glazed with a platform from where the Djs mounted his nightly show. In the Middle, a square to which is enter through some steps. If you find in it a Monday or a Friday, seeks to not carry the mobile, tickets, or any other element susceptible of deteriorate is if is wet. In the water festival and do not say that you do not we notice it. Square to be converted in the hot pools, and people, with soaked clothing will dance to your around. What happens from here is yours.

For the rest of the week we have Tuesday Ibiza Rock, Clubland Wednesday. The Thursday Glass becomes is Paradis in the party more gay and provocative. The Saturdays Hed Kandi makes the night in all a show. And the Sunday ends with Juke Box.

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