Church of Sant Agustí (Ibiza)

Iglesia de Sant Agustí

Church of Sant Agustí in Ibiza

Whenever there are rumors about a wedding of a celebrity in Ibiza, the first Church I passed by the head is the Church of Sant Agustí. Maybe because the first time I visited this church was celebrating a wedding. And honestly I found the frame ideal for this type of celebrations. Remote, flirtatious, silent and very, very intimate. So intimate that for access to input main must travel a little way to get and from the road it is only visible to the upper part of the façade and the Bell Tower… Come on, that there will be no invited extras unless they are travelling specifically to see the place.

As arrive to the Church of Sant Agustí

Access to the Church of Sant Agustí does not present many drawbacks. On the road linking the town of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep there halfway a detour with access to the population. After a somewhat steep, a curve to the left leads up to some houses and in full ascension, Church. In the surroundings found some ancient houses totally and some restaurants of schedule night, in a corner privileged.

History of the Church of Sant Agustí

The was ordered to build by Bishop Abbot I saw, like so many others on the island, during the 19TH century. Its construction original is of plant cross-shaped. Such was the interest that the church adopted this form as representative that the entrance had to be placed on the side furthest from the urban core. The façade is very simple, with a small opening above the door to window mode and the Bell Tower topping the stamp. A time crossed the threshold the Church is again very simple. To the Fund are the presbytery and, in the arms of the cross, two small chapels. The interior is very cozy presenting an altarpiece with the figure of San Agustin. Subsequent reforms made the church a somewhat unusual place. The side, visible buttresses from the facade, other elements were joined as the parish house behind the presbytery. After this whitewashed building, the landscape becomes idyllic, being a perfect place for those photos of remembrance with a large house peasant background.

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