Car rental in Playa d’ Bossa

Alquiler de coches en Playa d'en Bossa

Car rental in Playa d’ Bossa

Advantages of the car rental in Playa d’ Bossa

If until now you had presented the possibility of renting a car at the airport of Ibiza, in Ibiza city or even in Santa Eulalia, now is the turn to the car rental in Playa d’ Bossa. Nor is it of the most relevant places when it comes to rental, but there are many who decide to access your accommodation before you rent a car in Ibiza. And Playa d’ Bossa is a very representative place of leisure tourism. Here we will not only find a wide hotel offer, for all tastes and pockets. We will also find next places like Bora Bora or Space, or the spectacular animation that runs parallel along Beach d’ Bossa arriving at the town of Sant Josep.

Because we remind you that this beach, one of the longest in Ibiza, has its origin near the beach of Figueretas, Ibiza city, but then runs along the coast in direction to Sant Josep. It is here where the atmosphere of the beach changes completely to make way for an animation without precedent.

Do I need to rent a car in Playa d’ d’en Bossa?

If you don’t want to see the island, maybe not. Playa d’ Bossa is going to offer almost everything you’ll need. It has a good connection to the airport and, except for the hours before the opening of the clubs, in the evening, a connection with the city of Ibiza. You can also move from here to beaches like Ses Salines (las Salinas) or Es Cavallet. But remember that you depend of the service again, so forget the sunsets. That Yes. Then do not say that you’ve seen Ibiza, because you’ve only been in it, but you’ve lost you incredible scenery and extraordinary sunsets. If not visit Cala Salada, or contemplate the sunset over Es Vedra, the drums of Benirras and enjoying the landscape from coastal defence towers, you have not seen Ibiza. Not know such as hippy, or its whitewashed churches, half strengths. If you don’t want to miss it, you can get a car rental in Playa d’ Bossa.

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