Calas de Ibiza

Calas de Ibiza

Cala Salada. The beauty.

We started a tour of the most outstanding coves of Ibiza , paradise nestled in natural places. We will first stop in Cala Salada. Considered one of the best beaches in Europe, is in the municipality of Sant Antoni, about five kilometers walk, North of the city centre. It is one of the few places in this town that has not undergone the English invasion and preserves its almost untouched landscape. Just a few fishermen’s huts, carved in the Earth and a bar almost hidden from the sea reveal the human presence. The water is turquoise with huge sand banks that give it the appearance of a pool to some areas. With her younger sister, Cala Saladeta, they form a Bay spectacular, especially if we look at it from any other point of the coast.

Cala D’hort. Magic

The calas de Ibiza boast stunning landscapes. And that’s the feeling that produces Cala D’hort, to the West of the island. Already on the road, we can appreciate the magic of the place. The Atlantis, surprising footprint of the time hippy, retains the works of artists carved on the stone. And on the horizon, Es Vedrà. Mythical legends of rock mass and it stands imposing on the waters of the Mediterranean. For some, one of the main points of the planet’s energy. For others, privileged location of sightings UFOs. For me, a place where spend the hours contemplating such work of the nature.

Port de Sant Miquel. The adventure

We flew to the North to meet with the Cove of Port de Sant Miquel. Three beaches under the shelter of the considered most expensive island in the world and the cliff which houses the Can Marçá caves, or cave of Sant Miquel. This accommodation in escondido for pirates and smugglers preserves one of the most beautiful areas of the Ibizan caving. If not you van them environments wet, always can contemplate from the viewpoint the views to the cala and, of step, gossip is Pas of S’Illa.

If has the possibility of move is, you suggest that not is go without visiting these three coves of Ibiza. Perhaps give a perspective very different Ibiza .

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