Cala Xarraca. Ibiza. Sant Joan.

Cala Xarraca
Not makes much mentioned our adventures by the road that leads to Cala Xarraca, a remote beach in Ibiza in the municipality of Sant Joan. However, we do not discuss our approach to the own Cala Xarraca. And it is that many people who know this beach, or even resident aliens there aren’t. Among other things because it is in a particularly remote end. A real stronghold paradise with a House of luxury watching their waters.

As arrive to Cala Xarraca from Ibiza.

The first thing you need to know if you have to visit Cala Xarraca is which is twenty-six kilometres from Ibiza. I.e., in the other tip of the island. And to get there from the high city, you must cross roads. But don’t get discouraged, because the result worth.

We must go on the road from Santa Eulalia to the junction of Sant Llorenç (San Lorenzo). From here, we drive northwards towards Sant Joan de Labritja. From Sant Joan depart two roads in direction to the coast. Can take any of the two roads, but our journey will be more short if take the detour that will find before enter in the core urban of the locality.
Now the road becomes quite sinuous, starting the descent to the coast until you reach Cala Xarraca. It is important to highlight that this beach has two entrances. We find the first just before arriving at Cala Xarraca. We can take a detour to the left that will take us to the fork between the path to Caló de S’Illa, and the entrance to the beach itself. If already read our article on the road of Calo of S’Illa, will know to be exposed. So you recommend that lower comfortably up to the beach.

He second access is located to few meters, and leads above the House Cova, until a second cala, pretty cobbled and much less attractive. In addition, the passage of a Cove to another becomes unviable, so you must choose. And obviously, we recommend the first option.

That I find in Cala Xarraca. Sant Joan.

calaBeing in the North of Ibiza, it first that we are going to find in a landscape green in Cala Xarraca. With a beach close, although quite long, a cornice protects of the winds of the inside to the bathers. Good, protects or scares. Because the top of the cornice has been degrading to form a curious figures shaped stalactite. The sand is very similar to all that we will find by the North. A reddish thick sand, thick enough to walk.

Another of the features that make of Cala Xarraca a corner to visit, are their outgoing Rocky. Order in the water, these huge boulders tend to be frequented by birds that rest well protected. In particular it is curious that arises in the middle of the Cove, almost in front of our noses. A real luxury for lovers of snorkeling.

But without place to doubt, if something called the attention to all that visit Cala Xarraca, is it already named House Cova. An imposing House decorated with gigantic vases, with a so privileged and enviable position that is the only thing we are glad not having to pay maintenance. Because the rest envy swine, I already tell you.

Otherwise highlight that there is a bar in the beach, for which not have desire of load with them soft drinks.

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