Cala San Vicente Ibiza – Cala Sant Vicent

cala san vicente

Visiting the North coast of the island, after leaving behind white Aiguas Beach, we arrive at one of these magical points that every tourist hopes to see. Dan wanted to get car moving to admire a beautiful view offering for hours. We speak of the Cala de San Vicente. Perhaps the furthest from Ibizatown centre. Perhaps, therefore, is one of the most beautiful places we have had the opportunity to enjoy.

Directing us to the Cove of San Vicente.

This beach can be reached through two very different roads. If you prefer to make a tourist route mainly with a road without too many curves, we can reach the Cala de San Vicente from neighbouring Sant Joan. In our way we can visit the Church of Sant Vicent and if wake up very early, the archaeological site of Es Culleram.

The other option, plagued of curves and limits of forty, it found from the road of is Figueral, to which access from Sant Carles. Although the road not is so nice, if that keeps a surprise. Between curve and curve, to the approach us to the Cala of Sant Vicent and start to see the sea, us found with a beautiful panoramic of the cala full, with waters of a blue intense and a costa sheer giving you coat. It can not stop on the curve, a pity, although cars improve the speed to almost stop. But be careful. Stop here carries a high risk.

Coming to the Cala Sant Vicent

The road of access to the cala ends in a small parking in that with much luck, can park. The parallel provision of the hotels at the Beach leaves little room for improvisation, so if we do not find parking to the first, it is better we take the road that runs behind the accommodations.

The arrival to the Beach, via arena tours, is very comfortable, and at the same time, spectacular. An of the features more important of cala is the depth of the shelter of rocks. With such arms, the water becomes very calm shore, well protected. The feeling of being in a huge natural swimming pool increases the desire to swim.

The hammocks are distributed after the first line of bathroom, leaving more than enough for those who prefer to enjoy the towel. From this point, overlooking the mountains of pine trees remind us that we are in the Mediterranean.

Already in the water, without too much slope and the protective mark, we distinguish perfectly the fishermen’s huts so typical in any Creek, however small, that is.

We have not taken fridge, but it won’t be a problem. Restaurants and bars abound on the Cala de Sant Vicent, without invading the nature so brutal that surrounds us even for a moment. We are talking about four hundred meters of sand, a beach of dimensions important taking into account that we are within a Cove.

Water sports, school of sailing and boating, and the various activities that we propose, such as pedalos, canoes or sky bus, are more than an added incentive.

Although if you have opportunity, bring goggles and snorkel tube. The rocks are a few metres from the shore, giving rise to a unique seascape.

Photo Gallery don’t miss neither the tab of Cala Sant Vicent.

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