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Cala D’hort Beach Ibiza

Is difficult to describe the feeling that produces Cala d ‘ Hort. If you are traveling somewhere and you find yourself with some of the small wonders that exist in our planet, but that seems to be out of context, you stay watching it without knowing exactly that are looking for. Only admire its beauty and you think what do you here? As in Ibiza this magical place called Cala D’hort and its small wonder, Es Vedrà.

How to get to Cala D’hort

Cala D’hort is located to the West of the island of Ibiza, in the stretch of coastline near the Iberian Peninsula. Cala d ‘ Hort is the beach more to the South of this face and is located located facing the Park natural of Cala d ‘ Hort, Cap Llentrisca and Sa Talaia. We find easier access from the town of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia although there are accesses from the South, through the town of Es Cubells, and to the North, crossing the road that leaves behind the beaches of Cala Carbo, Cala Vadella and Cala MOLÍ. Our preferred route is the first by Sant Josep. With independence of it comfortable that is the road, the beauty of the spot when us approach to Cala d ‘ Hort is reason more than enough to take this road.

That we will find in Cala d ‘ Hort

It first that we are going to find are difficulties for parking, as not there is parking as such. What if we found is a dirt road to reach the beach that may resolve the problem. Before entering the beach we find a panoramic bar. To the down to the sand we find with a tone reddish and a sand somewhat thick. It is distributed in two hundred metres with a variable width. While the center of Cala D’hort is broader, towards the ends the beach goes ending in punta. In the extreme left will find shelter among some rocks quite eroded by the Mediterranean with clear Sandy. The opposite end and finalized a little more closed, well protected, although filled with dry docks. Emphasizes the Jetty where the rescue teams depart.

Cala D’hort and Es Vedra

Cala d ‘ Hort has with beach buoyed, umbrellas, hammocks and activities water varied. By his sand not left much space for them sports of sand. But it has a spectacular attraction. The islets of is Vedra and is Vedranell, parks natural, is raised to “little” distance of the beach. It is Vedrá in particular is considered to be one of the strong points of the planet. And the truth is that you impressive. Seems so close that some bathers is have released to the water with the intention of arriving to swim. Not it try. The distances in the sea can be deceiving and this is one of those cases. It would not be the first time that the rescue teams have to leave.

If he was eager to see Es Vedra from closer, we recommend you to visit Sa Pedrera, but go well very early if you want to climb to the tower. For more information and pictures visit our tab of Cove d ‘ Hort

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