ca na martina

CA Na Martina. A very set Beach

ca na martina

CA Na Martina

We continue along the coast of Santa Eulalia and reached the beach of Ca Na Martina. It is the longest of the views so far and, since then, the liveliest. We will have more than a hundred meters from a very wide beach. Accustomed to small coves can even surprise so much sand.

Welcome to Ca Na Martina

Access we will make the road to Es Canar, taking the same road that leads to S’Argamassa. Due to the affluence of public, we could have a problem to park your car. Do not worry. Parking can be found in the three accesses to the beach, at the beginning, half and at the end. This last area coincides with a pine forest where you can enjoy Mediterranean low forest. If so it costs us to Park, we always have a park in S’Argamassa and walk a few hundred meters.

Activities in Ca Na Martina

If you look at the beach from the corner more to the West, we can start by a bar after a row of hammocks. A perfect spot if we have no intentions of moving us much. From here the activity becomes a bit frantic. Pedal boats, water rides, and candles. As well as you hear it. One of the largest kite displays all the sails on the sand. It is impossible to not browse. Then a last snack bar. We are in the middle of winter and there who find a table. Parking in this area is overflowing and people come walking from the neighbouring houses to spend the afternoon. You can already imagine as it gets in the summer.

Hiking along the coast

From here the coast is once again. After visiting S’Argamassa, Niu Blau and Cala Pada the coast is an invitation to continue walking. But be careful because after Ca Na Martina trails become dangerous in some sections. Furthermore, the next stop, Es Canar, is quite remote. Remember that you can find more information of Ca Na Martina in your tab.

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