Beaches of Ibiza in Google Earth and Google Maps

Playas de Ibiza en Google Earth

Beaches of Ibiza in Google Earth and Google Maps

Today we bring you a new way to see the beaches of Ibiza through two very well-known utilities. The first, Google Maps, is a tool that we like to use at all. To the look Ibiza us seemed that was a little bland and the beaches not were all it recognizable to simple view that one could wish. So are we took place design our own map of the beaches of Ibiza in Google Maps.

Beaches of Ibiza in Google Maps

It continues to be a map of Ibiza, but in the Menu on the left you will find beaches with a small description. Clicking on them will be shown a pop-up window with the photo, link to the relevant page, a small descriptive text and a new link, this time to a Youtube video. A clear way to choose Beach for a sunny day.

Beaches of Ibiza in Google Earth

For who does not have much idea, Google Earth is an application of Google-based positioning systems and satellite photographs. It is a free application that you can download from this link.

Is an application of desktop that you must install on your computer before can enjoy. The installation is well simple and clean, by what does not have much problem.

A time downloaded and installed you can enjoy of our new file for Google Earth. And for that you have to click this link from Beaches of Ibiza in Google Earth. (REMEMBER to HAVE INSTALLED GOOGLE EARTH DOWNLOAD GOOGLE EARTHBEFOREHAND) In our window we will ask if you want to open or save the file. Accept the option of open.

If all has gone well we will have appeared Google Earth located in Ibiza and in the beaches will be shown an icon blue. We can move by clicking on them or in the window to the left.

A virtual tour of the beaches of Ibiza in Google Earth

If you have arrived until here, congratulations. You are about to experience the virtual. At the end of the tab places, to the left, where the names of the beaches are listed, you will find two additional options.

The visit guided, with the name of “beaches of Ibiza”, held a tour sequential by them beaches in a view overhead, showing us the images and descriptions of each beach. For this you should select by clicking first on the text and click then the playback icon.

recorrido virtual playas de Ibiza

Beaches in Ibiza, our recommended route will take us on an aerial tour along the coast of Ibiza, approaching each beach and showing Ibiza as privileged few were able to see it. The procedure is exactly the same as above, by pressing this time over the corresponding text. Although before we set up our camera to a vision optimal. In Google Earth we are going to the menu top tools / options. In the tab travel set up 60 camera angle, the scope of the camera to 860 and speed to approximately 342. We accept and we are preparing for our trip virtual.

Recorrido virtual Playas de Ibiza con Google Earth

Remember that all information that appears on the map of you have expanded our section beaches of Ibiza

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