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Beaches of Ibiza city 2011

Playas de Ibiza

With the arrival of the new tourist season we will offer you a list of the beaches of Ibiza according to your location by Township. We recommend that you choose a beach depending on the type of environment you’re looking for. In the beaches of Ibiza can find from coves solitary to liven arenales that you will allow enjoy of environments very animated for all the ages. May practice the nudity of a form relaxed or share a space familiar and quiet. In any case, make your choice before moving up to the chosen beach.

Guide of the beaches of Ibiza

Detailed information about the beaches in Ibiza appearing in this article can be found expanded our guide of beaches of Ibiza

Beaches of Ibiza city

Figueretas. Perhaps the most urban beach that you will find on the island. It is within walking distance of the city centre, the port and the main transportation services. If you want to enjoy the sea without leaving the city this beach is a good choice.

Talamanca. Somewhat more remote from the town but full of possibilities. The beach of Talamanca retains a flavor sailor and a space protected with all type of activities.

Playa d’ Bossa. Although it shares sand with Sant Josep, this beach is flanked by resorts where you will find all the necessary services. The beach is divided into zones family and youth, above all when you arrive at the height of Bora Bora.

Beaches of Sant Josep

Begin the tour by Sant Josep where we ended up in Ibiza. Beach d’ Bossa gives continuation to the coast to our next point.

Beach of is Cavallet. Without being officially nudist beach, this beach is usual place for this practice, in addition to being a gay-friendly meeting place. Next to the salt industry, enjoys a special protection and priority contact with nature.

Las Salinas beach. Of all the beaches of Ibiza, this is perhaps best known for the visit of famous to their bars, some exclusive. A place surrounded by nature that is worth to enjoy both the beach itself and its surroundings.

Beach d ‘ is Codolar. It is bounded by the airport and is the most extensive Pebble Beach. It is little frequented and the lack of sand is an incentive for some and one default for others. The peace and privacy offered by the coast an ideal place makes it for many nudists.

Bol Nou or Sa Caleta beach. Next the first Phoenician settlement, we find this Cove whose access has been created artificially. It is a Cove crowded with familiar atmosphere.

Cala Jondal. Another beach bowling but in this case much more lively, with bars of musical environment that give very colourful. We find areas for adults of all ages.

Xarcu is. Beach of bowling in this case little frequented and located in a natural setting. Include the views of the East Coast and your peace of mind.

Is Cubells. A little accessible Beach formed by small coves and more conducive for access by boat and on foot. From this point usually moored yachts that stop to have a drink in the nearby bars.

Cala D’hort. Perhaps the beach letting more impression on the visitors with the presence of the islet of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. Here the coast becomes sandy and dominated by families in search of tranquility.

Cala Vadella. A Cove very closed and tourist, ideal for those who prefer a day at the beach quiet.

Cala Moli. A not-much-frequented Cove where couples seeking tranquility. It is one of those places where a higher than normal conversation can be heard from the other end of the beach.

Cala Tarida. Coastal sections of Sant Josep, this island of Ibiza from the tourist can be seen. A perfect place to enjoy water sports and dreamy sunsets.

Cala Codolar. A virtually wild Cove, with peculiar terrain and a quiet environment. The coast is very rugged and there is a small Sandy area. Diving lovers will enjoy a unique background.

Beaches of Comte. Although it is more known by the local population as Cala Conta, besides being one of the main meeting places for residents. Small beaches distributed between youth, families and people seeking more privacy thanks to the small corners that we find.

Cala Bassa. Most famous for its camping, is a purely family beach where you will find not only interesting and quiet spaces for children. The contact with nature is also a very important point.

Port des Torrent. While a major urban area is named, the beach of Port des Torrent is a narrow and well-protected Cove surrounded by resorts. Fishing enthusiasts will find the main attraction in the cornices of the coves, with ample spaces to practice this sport.

Beach of Sant Antoni

As tends to occur in the beaches of Ibiza, the large extensions share spaces between two municipalities. In Sant Josep occurs in two occasions, in the limits with Ibiza city and in the Bay of Sant Antoni. Here us found with a beach that by its configuration, and without dividing it, is located between both municipalities.

Es Pouet beach. Located in the area of Port des Torrent, beach is divided into coastal sections with small beaches and a main stretch of sand in a major tourist area. There are environments of all types and conditions.

Playa de S’Arenal. It is the beach located opposite the port of Sant Antoni. Dominate the musical environments in a rebuilt promenade. Closeness to the people make conducive to those not rented a car and want to take a bath, but not much more.

It is Caló des Moro. This is a purely English beach. It gives the impression of being a land won the sea and not a natural beach. The juvenile density in the water can be at times overwhelming.

Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta. There are two small coves very used by the residents of the area. They are quiet and family places to spend a very nice day of beach.

Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta. Regarded as the second best beach in Europe, these two coves are something separate from the towns. They make the beauty of the place ideal to enjoy the tranquility and the family.

Beaches of Sant Joan

In this town is found the coasts more steep of the beaches of Ibiza. Also the beaches of Ibiza more Virgin.

Puerto de San Miguel. It is a purely tourist spot, with hotels around the coast to the East. Activities there is no waste, from excursions on foot, visit the Can Marçá caves and aquatic activities.

Cala Moltons. It is a small Cove located behind the port of San Miguel which is accessed by foot and whose calm contrasts with the agitated beach of the port.

It is Pas de S’ S’illa des Bosc. An arm of sand that joins the most expensive island in the world with the Mainland. A place little accessible yet very quiet.

Cala Benirràs. Notorious for the fire which burned his mountains, this Cove has been famous for its Festival of drums and the finger of God, a small rocky projection with a curious way. Suitable for all audiences.

Cala Xarraca. This is a beach little known but quite beautiful. It has the reddish sand from the North of the beaches of Ibiza. A place to rest quietly in the shelter of the outgoing mountains.

S’Illos des Renclí. This is a Cove in which not we excursions in group, due to its size. Is a section Sandy very small and somewhat hidden, located between areas Rocky and piers, although very cozy.

Cala xuclà. From the beaches of more difficult access by car, this closed Cove offers visitors a quiet corner. The surrounding is formed by large pine forests.

Cala Portinatx. A Cove well-known in Ibiza for its distance with the city. Despite them the tourist centre is very important. The coast the form small beaches full of services and with a charming special.

Cala d’ Serra. If we are to talk about beaches, this is one of them. It access is winding, but the beach is simply spectacular, of them more beautiful that we can find.

Cala San Vicente. If we were to change the pine trees by Palm trees, this would be a Caribbean beach. With all the available services, make the beauty of the waters unmistakable. A real paradise.

Beach of Santa Eulália

The peculiarity of the coast of the municipality allows it to be the town with more beaches in Ibiza. If to this we add the economic and tourist potential of Santa Eulalia the result shows a set of high-level beaches.

White Aiguas. Very known by its mud and those reports television, this beach features with a difficult access and not many services. Predominates the environment youth and naturist in a coast well sheltered from the wind by the rocks that it surround.

Playa des Figueral. The continuation of white Aiguas, or vice versa, although this time does not have a barro and if with easy access and a full of services and urbanized area.

Pou des Lleó. A more interesting place for which archaeological finds on the beach in question, most commonly used as a place of anchorage that beach.

Cala Boix. A beach very family and busy in a wild coast, although with access not suitable for those who transport trolleys or wheelchairs.

Cala Mastella. A perfect place for those wishing to find much peace and quiet. A fairly closed enchanted Cove where pine trees cover the coast.

Cala Llenya. One of the beaches preferred by the inhabitants of the area. The Cove offers a lot of services as well as a shift in boat to the nearby towns.

Cala Nova. A lovely beach, with a special air. A coast with many applications, perfect for family. The presence of a campsite in the vicinity makes it very peculiar.

It is Canar. Although the name will sound if you have visited Ibiza before, the truth is that he is best known for its flea market than by the beach itself. The large number of accommodations make it a very touristy area with possibility of travel by boat.

Can Martina. A large sandy area that does not go unnoticed for a multitude of families who come to the calm waters. The hotel presence is not very abundant despite being a very fun beach.

S’Argamassa. It has the great advantage of having a short walk Can Martina. This beach is not the best practice that can be found on the beaches of Ibiza.

Cala Pada. With views to the great Bay of Santa Eulalia, this beach is is full of services and accommodation, although nor highlights between the beaches of the area.

Playa des Niu Blau. Highlight your contact with nature, where the pines almost reach water. The presence of accommodation is reduced even though it has an estate on the South side.

Santa Eulalia beach. Another of the large urbanized beaches of Ibiza. In the heart of the town, is very frequented by tourists who stay in centrally located hotels. A great walk surrounds this extension to the entrance of the river.

Beach of Santa Eulalia River. It presents the appearance of the typical mouths of a river, with an area of low coast and calm waters.

Calo de S’ seaweed. One of the most difficult to locate, without a doubt. Rather than for its location by the complicated of the journey by car to reach it. The presence of hotels known as the Siesta is important but this beach is not very crowded.

Cala Llonga. The presence of the unique field of golf of the island in their vicinity makes of Cala Llonga a beach purely tourist, with a cala closed and a beach very peculiar and deep. One destination more than considerable when making our choice.

Playa de S’Estanyol. It is away from all urban areas in Santa Eulalia, which gives it a special peace of mind, coupled with the presence of musical bars and various services. The Cove is one step closed with little presence.

Not there is that forget that in all the coast will find roads that lead to small coves hidden, and, in many cases, is can access to places quiet from them already mentioned. And here the most important beaches in Ibiza.

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