Beaches of Cala Tarida in Ibiza

Cala Tarida

The West coast of Ibiza, has a particular charm and some other advantage. For starters, the beaches, such as Cala Tarida, have more time available for the bathroom. The Sun dropped slowly on the horizon and, unless the orientation of the Cove and his arms do not permit, we will be heating up to the last breath.

This same circumstance, we will offer spectacular sunsets in Golden paradise. Cala Tarida is no exception, and together with a significant urban center, you will find the fingertips anything you need.

How to get to this Beach in Ibiza

We do not know that it was before, if the roads resulted in the expansion of Cala Tarida, or if it was the presence of this beach which I develop their comfortable access. But seeing the magnificence of the place, we are inclined to the latter.

We have access from the North, South, and two to the East. The first runs along the northern coast of Sant Josep. It is ideal if it comes along the beaches of the coast from Sant Antoni. The second, that of the South, provides access from the coast of Es Cubells. The most commonly used direct are on the road linking the towns of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep. The first part to the height of Sant Agustí, a very small town, quiet and beautiful interiors. The second is located almost in the town of Sant Josep. The two are perfectly indicated and end joining in a single road that takes us directly to Cala Tarida.

I find in Cala Tarida

Of all. Frankly, we have found few beaches in Ibiza with more equipment, leisure activities, restaurants, accommodations or services.

But if we refer to the beach, it is that it is not missing anything. Width is pretty good, and the mountainous terrain makes that two sections, that are not among them distinguish. In the left section, a water sports centre, with everything you can imagine. Here for the first time we have seen a few years practicing child water skiing. What was the astonishment of the bathers (and healthy envy, of course).

To the arrowhead that separates the two sections of Cala Tarida, we find an island to which you can pass to walk. We are left with the desire to throw a couple of fishing rods, but we said it on the agenda of winter. A little further to the North, there is another islet, although somewhat more remote and difficult to access, but frequented by bathers.

The sand is golden. Well, at least seems it, because the visit it made to the sunset, and the coast is illuminated by solar orange. The boats, some, Fund far away, leaving a beach, buoyed and controlled, and above all, very clean. We found the sea a little bravo. Although the bravery of the Mediterranean in Ibiza, does not exceed the meter high waves. Ideal for the little ones to enjoy with the romps.

There are times that one finds the site, and others, and the time. The sunset that brought us Cala Tarida was amazing. People started to take their cameras and every moment seemed unique. I don’t know got to shooting, many pictures, but reviewing them, I assure you that I did not know which choice.

You can find more information, pictures and map in the file of Cala Tarida. Don’t miss the photos.

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