Beaches of Cala Molí Ibiza

Cala Molí

In one of our tours along the coast of Sant Josep, we found marked on map Cala Moli, a small Cove where the sea has returned small boulders. The sound of the waves to pass over them form a curious rattle. Although access is through a dirt road, the directions are somewhat confusing. And it is that this beach is very little frequented, and if reader of these pages, we already know that government agencies rarely invest in a plate if it does not report a major economic benefit.

How to reach this cala Ibiza.

We can be access through three highways. Coming from Cala Tarida, starting from Sant Antoni. From this road we will leave the turn-off to Cala Tarida left and stay on the road. From Sant Josep, perhaps the fastest route, taking the road to Cala Tarida. Upon reaching the sea view, we will have to turn left. From Cala Vadella, indicated if we are along the coast from South to North. Although the road here becomes something more sinuous.

Until you reach the junction, there will be no problems. The signs are correct. But behold, we started the Odyssey. The road becomes Earth, and between rut and slump, some of importance (eye to the underside of the car), we arrive at a division of the road. Some hand-painted posters of wood give indications about restaurants and other points of interest. One of them, one very small, indicates Beach MOLÍ if read carefully. If passed the intersection, you can turn a little later, at the entrance of a house where the road becomes wider.

From this point, downhill, between bushes and pine trees. Parking is not very wide, or missing it does because this Cove also brings together many people.

I find in Cala MOLÍ

As one of the quietest coves that we have been able to go. In fact, the poster of the entrance defines Cala MOLÍ as natural beach. Although there is a watchtower, the sign indicates with big letters that the beach has no surveillance. Also prohibited the Jet skiing, camping, fishing and domestic animals. Although this last can be extended to all the beaches of Ibiza. Just missing a sign prohibiting entry to children, because in Cala MOLÍ, just listen to them. And that there is a playground, but the dangerousness of its waters, with areas of high depth, do not recommend this beach for children. Also the beach is adapted for people with reduced capacity.

The coast of Cala MOLÍ is sharp at the ends, while the right side has some dry docks where people bathe leisurely. The snack bar is clearly visible and is located next to the House of some privileged, a few meters from the water.

One of the things that most caught our attention is the manner in which some users mark their area on the beach. With pebbles that are spread along the beach, they form fences where you planted your towels. And of course, to see who is the handsome that turneth away from a pair of stones to place the towel. Couples take the Sun calmly, to the whisper of water. The cala protects perfectly the gaining of the Sea Beach and the environment cannot be more natural.

Ultimately, Cala MOLÍ is a beach suitable for quiet and relaxation. Do not disturb or be annoyed. A haven of peace.

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