Beaches of Cala Bassa in Ibiza

Cala Bassa

Sometimes, this island of Ibiza travel pleasantly surprised. This time we visit Cala Bassa. A beach located on the North coast of Sant Josep, between Port des Torrent and beaches of Comte. A paradise among pine forests and inaccessible places, which now shares space with a campsite, plenty of bars and a small Jetty to the delight of tourists and visitors.

How to get to this Beach in Ibiza

To put us a little, we will have this beach is located between the beaches of Port des Torrent and the beaches of Comte (Cala Conta for Islanders), in the end more to the Northwest of the island. Very close to the inaccessible torre de Comte, gives his back cave paths on the island of the rabbit Hutch, and front by front is the large Bay of Sant Antoni.

To get we can follow the route of the line 7 from Sant Antoni, the nearest town. If our option is the car, then we can move from Sant Antoni, taking the known as the road above port des Torrent, a stretch that runs parallel to the coast in direction to the three big beaches of the area, Cala Bassa, Cala Comte and Cala Codolar.

The second great option, if we come from the capital, is to take the road that goes from Sant agouti and runs an interior, but very direct route.

The third option, although less used (except for a server) runs along the West Coast through the beaches of the beautiful coastline of Sant Josep, municipality that owns Cala Bassa, deep into the most beautiful corners of the area.

I find in Cala Bassa.

We have heard much, good and bad, on Cala Bassa. Between bad, for whom is it, is a lack of Glamour for some. Well, considering camping, for more workers pockets, is nearby, we must assume that we understand by lack of glamour simple people, not very high purchasing level, moving through the area. We will accept Octopus as a pet.

Thought me one of the best beaches you can find in the area. On arrival there is extensive parking, and nothing else go to the beach, an artificial lagoon. Artificial because a decline in area of about 100 square meters, they have carved a water inlet that serves as a pool for the little ones. A cucada for parents.

From here, sun loungers and parasols where the view reaches. It keeps the peculiarity of the promenade above the sands. An area of minilaberintos where you can see every free space occupied by families with their refrigerators, almost in plan Sunday, where perfectly control every movement of children on the beach.

On the other side of this ride, a large number of bars and stalls, some even of the more hippilona fashion.

At the end of the ride are water rides, pedal boats and personal watercraft covers the area behind the mark of Cala Bassa. And then comes a slightly special zone. It is a small Jetty that come from Sant Antoni vessels. The Jetty is not only perfect for transfers, I have it I pointed to go fishing in winter, when there are no problems to bother anyone.

But the West Coast is always full of surprises, and Cala Bassa could not be less. A small Cove is located next to the pier, with a somewhat steep and not recommended to minors, access. Tiny and rocky, some privileged move to this place to avoid crowds that sometimes suffers during the months of July and August. A quiet Cove where take a break from the hustle and bustle and noise.

Behind the beach, an area to explore on foot, full of paths and marvellous landscapes, with spectacular views of Conejera island.

Cala Bassa is one of those beaches in Ibiza where the glamour is left parked in the car, and just enjoy the scenery, the sand and water.

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