As rent a car at Solo Ibiza

como alquilar un coche en solo ibiza

As rent a car at Solo Ibiza

Our search of vehicles is located always in improvement continuous. So not you miss in the steps of the hiring you are going to guide through these lines.

Using the form to rent a car in only Ibiza

The first is access to our page of rent of cars in Ibiza. If you have less than 25 years we recommend to search from our home page

From here will have that introduce the date of collection of the vehicle and the date of delivery, as well as the schedule.

Council: “If collect your vehicle for example to them 15:00 hours seeks to return it before the 15:00 hours of the day of delivery or you will have as a day more than rental”

Press the button of “search” and will give access to the engine’s reserves.

Modifying our search in the engine of rent of only Ibiza

Once inside the booking engine, you can select other destinations besides the airport, both inside and outside the island. If our dates do not match with our preferences, we can always change them and perform a new search.

Two tips to rent a car in Ibiza

  • Try to rent your vehicle of twenty-four in twenty-four hours. No pick up for example the vehicle to them 9 of it tomorrow and it return to the 9:30. The rental fee will amount to one extra day.
  • Nocturnes schedule always bring extra charges. If still not have bought the ticket of plane, checks that not going to spend in your car which save in the flight.

By selecting our rental car

You can filter by categories for vehicle preferences. Each one brings their conditions of rental. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you review the conditions because they will change from one car to another. Please note that additional costs are often bail, fuel and additional insurance. Find out more

A time chosen the vehicle, checks that the dates is correspond to your preferences, especially if asked for several hours.

Don’t forget the extras

If we travel with more drivers or children, may we need additional elements such as a second driver or a lift Chair. Here you can make your book and make you the availability in destination.

Insurance for your additional vehicle

Already have the amount total of your car. You can hire a safe to all risk in destination that you will void (as standard) the deposit of the bail. Of course, the amount can be excessive and usually does not cover certain unforeseen as a prick or a glass break. If you want to save a good percentage of your insurance and expand the coverage, we recommend that you purchase our additional insurance with Allianz.

Now there is that pay the reservation of the rent

Depending on the car, the company that offer vehicle and the season in which you rent it you will request the total or partial amount of the reservation. Here you can also pay by credit card as debit. But not forget never that for be able to remove your car will need a card of credit to name of the driver main of the vehicle.

You already know how to rent a car at Solo Ibiza. But if you have any questions or don’t understand the fine print, you just have to call us. We are at your disposal.

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