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Apartments Ripoll Ibiza in Ibiza city, views and reservation

Apartments Ripoll Ibiza is located in the area of Ibiza Centre, at about 8.05 km from Ibiza Airport terminal. To move to the accommodation, we suggest you rent your car at the airport with Soloibiza.com.

Apartments Ripoll Ibiza information

Apartments Ripoll Ibiza

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Located in Vicente Cuervo, 10, Ibiza town, Balearic Islands Spain 07800

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Apartamentos Ripoll Ibiza reverva

Common services in apartments Ripoll Ibiza

Then you add some of the common services in apartments Ripoll Ibiza listed by type. You can choose your accommodation when you send your search.


  • With Internet access
  • Available WiFi service
  • It has free Wi-Fi


  • Availability of rental bicycles upon payment
  • Airport car hire

Front desk services

  • Point of information for tourism
  • Luggage storage available

Business facilities

  • Available fax and photocopier


  • Elevator
  • It has heating
  • It has air conditioning

Apartamentos Ripoll Ibiza opiniones

Available rooms at apartments Ripoll Ibiza

We bring you some of the suites apartments Ripoll Ibiza with a description of services.

Apartment 1 double (s) large. Maximum of 3 person (s)

  • Bathroom with shower
  • Safebox
  • Climate control / air conditioning
  • Equipped with hairdryer
  • There are kitchen space
  • Available with balcony
  • Equipped with a refrigerator
  • Area available
  • Free products for grooming
  • With toilet included
  • Equipped with microwave
  • Washing machine available
  • Enabled bathroom
  • Equipped with heating
  • Wide safety box for laptops
  • Flat screen TV
  • Available sofa
  • Tiled floors or marble
  • It has dining room
  • Electric heater
  • It has kitchen accessories
  • Available cabinets
  • Equipped with hotplates
  • With a view to interesting places
  • Room with view to the city

Apartamentos Ripoll Ibiza booking

Information and reservations

Apartments Ripoll Ibiza video

If you prefer you can enjoy apartments Ripoll Ibiza video on Youtube.

How to get from the airport of Ibiza to apartments Ripoll Ibiza in your rental car

You can save these signals to get to your destination in apartments Ripoll Ibiza if you don’t book your car we recommend making your reservation at home in Ibiza Airport car hire.

  1. Go to the Southeast
  2. Salt of the roundabout in CTRA Circunvalacion Ibiza
  3. Follow E-20
  4. Take the exit toward Centre Ciutat Ibiza/Sant Josep
  5. At the roundabout, take the first exit towards Av. Sant Josep de sa Talaia/PM-801
  6. At the roundabout, take the second exit towards Av. D’espanya
  7. Turn to the left towards Avinguda d’Ignasi Wallis
  8. Turn right onto Carrer de Joan d’ Àustria
  9. Turn right onto 1st Street towards Carrer de Vicente Cuervo
    The target is on the left.

Hotels near apartments Ripoll Ibiza

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