Mejores Restaurantes En Calas En Ibiza

10 Best Restaurants in Ibiza Coves

If you come to Ibiza, or if you live here, you can’t miss one of the greatest pleasures the island has to offer. Eat in a nice restaurant in a cove of Ibiza. The list of restaurants is very spacious, so we have prepared a list of the 10 best restaurants located in the coves of Ibiza.

1 Amante Ibiza, Cala d’en Serra

Cala d’en Serra is a small natural paradise in the town of San Carlos. The area is not urbanized and will allow us to enjoy nature in a unique way.

Until this we will have to move to enjoy Amante Ibiza, a romantic restaurant next to a cliff that will fulfill your expectations perfectly.

2 Restaurant Ses Roques, Cala Conta

Cala Conta is one of the most visited beaches in Ibiza. It is well known for its sunsets and for being a very familiar place. The coast extends to both sides forming very cozy little beaches.

In this atmosphere, we can highlight the restaurant Ses Roques. In addition to enjoying incredible views you will be able to taste Mediterranean food in a restaurant for weddings and the best places to eat in Ibiza.

3 The Boat House Ibiza, Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente is a beautiful cove located to the north of the island. The arrival by car is really amazing. After a curve, the cove appears before us. Here we find The Boat House Ibiza, a picturesque restaurant with Spanish, Mediterranean, Arabic and international food. Its value for money is quite good and the views to the cove are spectacular.

restaurantes calas ibiza

4 Restaurant Port Balansat, Puerto de San Miguel

Puerto de San Miguel is a bay very closed to the sea, in which besides the beach, we will find small coves and beaches distributed by its coast. Some of them are the loneliest beaches we can find even in high season.

One of the most legendary restaurants among the Ibizan is the restaurant Port Balansat. Among its dishes stand out the products of the Ibizan sea, starting with the seafood and finishing by the fish specialties.

5 Sa Trenka, Cala Martina

In Santa Eulalia we find a very prolific coast in coves and beaches. To the north of the locality there is a succession of beaches among which Cala Martina stands out. It is a very lively beach where you can do many aquatic activities, which is a perfect reason to take a break in a quality restaurant.

If you prefer Spanish food, in Sa Trenka are specialists in paella, served in a natural environment and very pleasant.

6 Es Virot, Port des Torrent

Port des Torrent is a very popular name among those who live in San Antonio. A good coastal stretch gets this name, but it is thanks to the Cove in which it empties. A quiet corner, very protected from the wind and perfect for the enjoyment of the children.

Among the options that can make us opt for Port des Torrent we find Es Virot, a restaurant to go with children and enjoy a day on the beach.

7 Ses Savines, Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is located on the east coast of the island, heading north. If we find ourselves in the area, we can visit several beaches and coves very close. The first one is passing the local marina.

At Ses Savines We will have a select restaurant by the Sea. The dishes and seafood stews of the menu stand out.

8 Ses Eufabies, Cala Tarida

One of our favourite beaches, Cala Tarida, especially before the start of the high season. A large arenal, protected by two beautiful cliffs, has generated a large and picturesque bay.

Integrated with the landscape, restaurant Ses Eufabies presents itself as a perfect place to eat and enjoy the beach atmosphere. You can also choose between the dishes of the day depending on the time of year you visit.

9 Restaurant Maria Luisa, Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella is one of the most spectacular coves on the island. It is very deep and the views from the road itself are amazing. The beach is still just as beautiful.

Offering beautiful views of the cove we have selected the Restaurant Maria Luisa, with a wide selection of rice dishes, paellas and the typical Bullit of Peix Ibizan.

10 Es Boldado, Cala d’Hort

It is not possible to speak of Cala D’Hort without naming the islet of Es Vedrá, a magical enclosure, much more impressive seen from the beach. That magic is the one that accompanies the whole atmosphere of this beach.

If you like traditional food, the restaurant Es Boldado is our recommendation to enjoy the views and of course the taste.

Considerations on the best restaurants in Calas de Ibiza

In Solo Ibiza have prepared with special care this list of restaurant in Calas de Ibiza according to the opinions of the clients. If you think your restaurant should be in this list you can contact us.

You will be able to find a complete list of beaches with restaurant in our guide to beaches.

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