Beaches of San Juan or Sant Joan Ibiza

Beaches and coves of San Juan

The beaches of Sant Joan, or San Juan, are located north of the island. This muncipio of the island extends through one hundred and twenty square kilometers, and is curiously the least populated of the island, due to its special geographical constitution. Almost all the coast is composed of rocky areas and cliffs where we can find many small coves, some only accessible in boats. Among these coves they deserve special mention cala Xuclá, cala d ‘Serra, puerto de San Miguel, cala des Moltons, cala de Portinatx, cala San Vicente, cala Xarraca, S’ Illot and, above all, cala Benirras. Also common is the formation of torrents that will lead to the beaches, being some spectacular at times of rain. Nearby we find East with Santa Eulalia beaches and to the South the beaches of San Antonio.

playas de san juan
calas de San Juan

Sant Joan has a great extension, but due to the shortage of important beaches , the area has not been affected by the expansion of the tourist, being able to find the typical agricultural extensions with farm buildings, where traditional agriculture It is still the main character. This set has allowed not only the municipality has kept the deep Ibiza , but that has allowed the conservation of large ecosystems that make the area an unspoilt paradise. The municipality is composed of four parishes, pudiendonos find the main parish in Sant Joan De Labritja. The other three small parishes include Sant Miquel de Balansat, Sant Vicent de Sa Cala and Sant Llorenç de Balàfia. We advise you to visit our section of all the beaches in Ibiza, where you will find a listing full or if you prefer you can meet it by sections such as the beaches of Ibiza town and the beaches of Sant Josep.

Beaches of San Juan or Sant Joan, Ibiza

San Juan has a really spectacular coastline. Don’t miss it

Cala Xucla

We start with a small cove located in a corner of the coast. Cala Xuclar is a very quiet and perfect beach for those who seek calm.

Cala den Serra

Cala d’en Serra is probably one of the most secluded and unfrequented beaches of San Juan . The truth is that the cove is impressive although the access is somewhat uncomfortable.

Puerto de San Miguel

The port of San Miquel is a beautiful and Deep cove, composed of several interior beaches in a natural environment.

Es Pas de SIlla

Es Pas de S’Illa is the name that receives a small stretch of sand that connects Ibiza with a small island. In this section we find two small beaches with beautiful views that we have included in our favorite places of Ibiza.

Cala Moltons

Cala Moltens is the name that receives one of the small coves of the port of San Miguel. Small and very flirty.

Cala Portinatx

Cala Portinatx is an urban nucleus that has grown around a small bay formed by three coves. A very peaceful place.

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente is the name that receives a deep cove located to the north of the island. It ends in a large arenal with spectacular views across the bay.

Cala Benirras

A peculiar beach in Ibiza is Benirrás. Besides a small islet that stands out in the landscape, this beach is known for its festival of the drums.

Cala Xarraca

One of the most flirtatious and hidden beaches in Ibiza. Protected from the wind, its sand is thick and its unique configuration.

s'illot des renclí

A small and quiet beach, very suitable for lovers of relaxation.

Places of interest in Sant Joan

The wildest area on the island has unaffordable places but a unique charm.

Iglesia de San Juan

Sant Joan Church

A unique church in its configuration and very beautiful, both inside and in the outer square that hosts it.

Cueva de San Miguel

Caves of Sant Miquel

In addition to a cave with stalactites and stalagmites, we will find stories of pirates and smugglers who used this natural accident.

Torre de Portinatx

Torre de Portinatx

These constructions were part of the island’s defensive strategy. Its location allows us to enjoy incredible panoramic views.

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