Beaches of San Antonio

Beaches and coves of San Antonio

The beaches of Sant Antoni de Portmany and Sant Antonio, stretching to the West of the island. About fifteen kilometers from Ibiza, this small town as municipality has an extension of one hundred and twenty-six square kilometers. It has the nearest port to the peninsula, in particular with the town of Denia, from where you can catch a boat on a short and quick journey. The port has sports facilities from which we can practice various water sports.

In Sant Antoni we can clearly differentiate between beaches used by casual tourists and residents of the municipality and the beaches more typically tourists, mainly frequented by English and quite young tourism. In this regard note that the area called West of Sant Antoni, is characterized by a fairly crazy nights, from the spree to the mess in a matter of minutes. If you are not accustomed to these environments, or accompanied by minors, we recommend to not visit these areas late at night.

Within the San Antonio beaches are some of the best beaches and coves of Ibiza.

playas de san antonio
calas de san antonio

Environment in the beaches

The beaches of national presence are mainly the beach of Cala Gracio, Cala Gracioneta Beach and the beach of Cala Salada. Coves are well equipped, small and away from complex hotel, ideal for bathing and the family atmosphere.

In stark contrast, we can find the beach of Es Pouet, the beach of Sant Antoni and, to a lesser extent, the beach of Es Caló des Moro .

This municipality has two pretty flashy parties, one on January 17, during the festivities of the patron, San Antonio Abad, with the traditional baptism of animals in the sea and the other in summer, with an enviable and spectacular fireworks Castle.

If you have rental car always we will have the chance to explore other parts of the island.

In addition to this guide, you can enjoy a complete listing of beaches. If you prefer to focus on an area in particular, then we recommend check out our sections of Santa Eulalia beaches or coves of San Juan in the North. To the South and East have Ibiza beaches and coves of Sant Josep.

Beaches of San Antonio

You find the main beaches of San Antonio, some really spectacular.


The beach of S’Arenal is located next to the port and is an extension of the promenade of the city. If during the day it is a swimming area, the evening becomes a musical Beach with enough nightlife.

Es Pouet

Es Pouet Beach is an extension of the Bay of San Antonio, close to the Centre of the town. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxed and is situated in a very touristy area with several shops in the surrounding area.

Caló des Moro

If there is a Creek recognized internationally for their music and festivities in the evening, and for the price of a drink, that is Calo des Moro. Although the atmosphere is purely English during the day, the afternoon people often gather next to Café del Mar to celebrate the event.

Cala Salada

Classified by international magazines as one of the best beaches in Europe, Cala Salada is a small secluded corner in an environment as natural as spectacular. This corner are among the favourites to see in Ibiza.

Cala Gracio

Cala Gracio is one of the favorite beaches of San Antonio residents. Although separated from the Center a good walk, the truth is that the Creek is very quiet, perfect to go with children and very well sheltered.

Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta is a small replica of Cala Gracio. To tell the truth, they are practically twin. It can be that the only difference find it in this beach tends to be less full than the previous.

Places of interest in San Antonio

During your visit to San Antonio can take advantage of to see different places of tourist interest

capilla subterranea de santa ines

Underground chapel of Santa Inés

A chapel that has served as a spiritual corner all cultures who settled on the island.

Iglesia de San Antonio

Church of Sant Antoni

One of the fortified churches of the island, with a spectacular structure.

moli d'en simo

Mill d’ in Simo

An old mill in the Centre of San Antonio, which has been converted into a cultural center.

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